BenBella Books

Client Background: Founded in 2001 with employees across the United States, BenBella Books is a publishing boutique that aims to be the publisher of choice for a select group of authors who value a partnership philosophy, flexibility, and a creative approach to marketing.

Quick Facts: BenBella Books has been an active Benefits client since 2009. They implemented Payroll and Worker’s Compensation in 2016 and are Employee Navigator users.

What did they need? With employees across the country, BenBella Books needed a solution that would accommodate their remote-employee workforce. Their previous solution continued to erroneously file their multiple state income taxes.

Why did we win? A walkthrough of the compliance and accuracy issues and their related costs from their previous provider allowed the client to better understand the total cost of “low-cost” solutions. Integration with Employee Navigator helped ensure compliance from both a benefits and payroll perspective. Our cloud-based solution also allowed BenBella Books to accommodate multi-location employees, meeting their unique workforce needs.



The Event Lounge™

Client Background: The Event Lounge is a full service event planning agency based in Richardson, TX. They are a growing startup company that recently decided to implement benefits, payroll, and time & attendance.

Quick Facts: The Event Lounge has been an active client since 2016. They utilize our PayFocus Pro solution and are active Employee Navigator users.

What did they need? The Event Lounge was in need of an all-in-one solution. In addition to Benefits, they were looking for a time and attendance solution to help them comply with overtime laws.

Why did we win? Integration was key for The Event Lounge. The ability for us to integrate Time with Payroll and Payroll with Employee Navigator made the deal a no-brainer.