Construction Industry Payroll

In construction, you’re used to dealing with complex issues. Payroll is one of them. BenefitMall gets it – and when you get industry-specific payroll service for your company, you’ll see just how easy it is to simplify. We’ve designed and built a program that handles all your payroll challenges and gets your employees paid on time, guaranteed. Different trades, varying pay rates, prevailing wages, union issues, certified payroll – we’ve got you covered.


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Construction Industry Payroll Product



Discover the many benefits for your business.


Built for your business

Payroll designed for heavy construction, electrical, carpentry and related trades.


Accurate and on time

We guarantee timely processing, compliance – and we offer next-day delivery of checks and reports.


True-dollar labor costing

Including expenses, workers comp, taxes and union benefits, by job.



Including budgeted versus actual by item of work. 



Workers comp tools

Audit report by territory and limitation; gross analysis report by state and workers comp code.


Manning reports

Including equal employment opportunity statistics by trade, based upon gender and race.


Certified agency reports

Include federal WH347, municipal, public works, offices of the controller, and school construction authorities.



Get the payroll service designed and built for your business.