Innovative, Online Payroll Solution

Reduce the administrative burden associated with payroll and compliance with BenefitMall's PayFocus™. Our advanced online payroll software gives businesses accurate and compliant tax processing, personal support, plus the ability to manage HR-related tasks.  

Simple Payroll Processing

View all active employees and quickly enter payroll with our grid-like screen, designed to make data entry a breeze. 

Options for Pay Distribution
Employers and employees have several options for pay including paper checks, paycards, and direct deposit. Direct deposit gives employees the ability to deposit to up to five separate accounts.

Taxes, W-2's, and Reporting
Access and view all W-2, tax, and withholding information directly in the portal. Our online reporting feature makes it easy to analyze payroll. Commonly used standard reports include the Payroll Journal report, Quarterly Tax Package report, and the Employee History report.




Backed with Many Benefits for Your Business 

While other payroll solutions offer do-it-yourself websites and distant call centers, we take a more focused approach. In addition to receiving a dedicated payroll support specialist who stands behind our easy-to-use platform, you'll also receive the following features that will improve efficiencies in your business: 

Self-Service for Employees

This self-service portal allows employees to update personal information, view and download their personal data, access paystubs, and more.

Mobile-Friendly Payroll
You can use your phone or tablet during any time and at anyplace to ensure review payroll entries to ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time.

Accuracy and Compliance, Guaranteed
We guarantee accuracy of calculating and filing payroll taxes. Not only will your payroll be on time and correct, your taxes will be paid, and your compliance issues will be handled.




Hear straight from our customers - real reviews.

Marjorie Pomeroy-Wallace reviewed BenefitMall

BenefitMall FacebookBenefitMall Five Star Review

"I love BenefitMall Payroll! Easy to use, simple reporting, self-service for employees and great customer service. The onboarding team set everything up for me and held my hand as I processed my first payroll. Everything went off without a hitch. A big bonus is the HR database! The price is right, the service works just like it's supposed to, and direct deposit was flawless. My sales rep is amazing!"

Courtney Slanaker reviewed BenefitMall

BenefitMall FacebookBenefitMall Five Star Review

"We have been very happy with BenefitMall! World Care is a small non-profit in Arizona. We have a small staff and BenefitMall has made payroll processing and taxes so easy for us. We all have limited time and the easy to use online platform meets all of our needs. Not to mention, any time I have an issue, I have a direct phone line I can call to talk with our account rep instead of calling a 1-800 # that leaves you wanting to pull your hair out!"

Sheila Allen reviewed BenefitMall

BenefitMall FacebookBenefitMall Five Star Review

"I own a small community Health and Wellness store and have used BenefitMall for my payroll services since I purchased the store in January. All I can say is the service is top notch. It is such a joy to simply turn in hours for my 3 part time employees and know that my payroll would be taken care of properly, all taxes paid and no worries on my part. My employees love the auto-deposit and I could not be happier."


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