How much of what it takes to run your business do you do online? How about your payroll

Let's face it, payroll is a time-consuming and complicated endeavor that keeps your team busy doing a task that distracts from serving customers. You can change that with BenefitMall's online payroll services.

We live in an online world supported by the cloud and fueled by custom software solutions. At BenefitMall, we are part of the online revolution thanks to our PayFocus, payroll for construction, and payroll for restaurants solutions. We take payroll to the next level by giving clients the tools needed to streamline payroll backed by our support and a dedicated team of experts who are always available to assist.


Online payroll services exist to take the pressure off small businesses. BenefitMall payroll services exist to give you the best solution in the industry. If you are still handling payroll in-house with outdated software or legacy methods and tools, it is time for you to take a look at modern payroll in the cloud. Reach out to us and learn just what BenefitMall can do for your company. 

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Our Payroll Solutions 

Online payroll services rise and fall on the strength of the software behind them. We take that very seriously, which is why we have developed our PayFocus platform for small businesses. PayFocus is our primary online solution applicable to small businesses in just about every sector. It has all of the most needed online payroll features along with the full support of our expert payroll team.

We offer three solutions for your payroll needs:

PayFocus + HR

PayFocus online payroll service

PayFocus Pro + HR

PayFocus Pro online payroll service

PayFocus Full Service

PayFocus Full Service payroll service

You can choose the option that best fits your needs and budget. With all three, you get something that many other online payroll services do not offer: assistance with HR-related tasks. For example, we offer our clients a comprehensive online library of HR information relating to everything from employee benefits to regulatory compliance.

The HR services included in PayFocus help you maintain compliance by way of our Labor Law E-Update service, downloadable workplace posters, and more. And in terms of actually paying your employees, PayFocus gives you access to direct deposit, paper checks, and even re-loadable payroll cards.

It's All in the Software

PayFocus is different on many different levels. So what makes us so different? The software. You will find ours to be everything you want it to be, and then some.

The BenefitMall user interface (UI) has been designed with payroll non-professionals in mind. An easy-to-use dashboard keeps all the most pressing information you need to know close at hand. In each of the modules, the UI design is meant to minimize scrolling as much as possible. We want all your data visible on a single screen. And as for data entry, it couldn't be easier. The push of a button gets it done.

Even your employees will appreciate PayFocus. With their own dedicated online accounts, they can use the software to see and modify their profiles. PayFocus gives them access to regular hours and overtime information, current and past W-2s, a handy time-off scheduling tool, and even a collection of HR documents.

We are extremely proud of our PayFocus solution and its software platform. We think you will be pleased with it, too. If you are looking for a general payroll solution with HR support, this is the one you're looking for.

construction payroll services

Our Construction Payroll Services. 

Online payroll services have not traditionally treated construction industry companies well. BenefitMall aims to solve that. We have built an online solution for heavy construction companies, electrical contractors, carpentry/framing companies, and more. If you are in construction and employ more than just yourself as a sole proprietor, you need to learn more about our construction for payroll solution.

We get how tough it is to handle complex and time-consuming payroll in the construction industry. Everything from regulatory compliance to union-related issues and actually paying workers is so much more difficult in your industry. 


Our custom construction solution makes it easier than it has ever been before. Our solution assists you with:

  • payroll processing and delivery
  • true-dollar labor costing
  • work in progress tracking
  • staffing reports
  • certified agency reports
  • workers’ comp tools.

There is no need to allow payroll to keep pulling your company back. BenefitMall's online payroll services for construction companies streamline payroll and HR so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

restaurant payroll services

Our Restaurant Payroll Services. 

Restaurants are another core group of businesses that haven't been well served by online payroll services. BenefitMall is here to make a difference. Our dedicated solution for restaurants accounts for many of the unique aspects of restaurant payroll that generic, off-the-shelf solutions do not address.

For example, how does your restaurant go about reporting tip allocation and its related issues? Our online payroll services simplify the complicated process by way of tip allocation reporting, FICA tip credit filing, and other tools. You will never lose track of tip allocation and how it affects the rest of payroll with our online solution.


BenefitMall does not serve meals to customers because we are not in the restaurant business. You should not be handling payroll tasks if you are not on the payroll business. So let's work together with both of us doing what we do best. You handle creating outstanding meals your customers come back for time again, we'll handle payroll through our dedicated online payroll services for the restaurant industry.

BenefitMall is a nationwide company specializing in online payroll services for small businesses. In addition to payroll processing, we also offer benefits administration and a core group of HR services. If your company has been struggling with payroll and HR in-house, we invite you to contact us to learn more about how we can help. Our online payroll services could be the all-in-one solution you have been looking for.

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