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At BenefitMall, we support the established mom-and-pop shops, the high-flying start-ups and the spirited entrepreneurs, who serve our communities in a way only small businesses can.



BenefitMall Legacy Print Group Customer Story

"BenefitMall is a great payroll solution for a small business due to the big company perks, but the small company feel."

Jim Turnell
Owner & Operator

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BenefitMall The Exercise Coach Customer Story

"BenefitMall approached me with the understanding of what I needed as a small business owner in terms of resources, technology and pricing."

Mary Sculley

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BenefitMall Lyles-DeGrazier Jewelers Customer Story

"It was the attention to detail, the personal relationship with our rep and the services that led us to choose and now, stay with BenefitMall."

Scott Polk

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BenefitMall Legacy Chiropractic Customer Story

"We are thankful that BenefitMall is another great player on our team because we are not trying to be the accountant or payroll expert."

Jadrian Crowell

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BenefitMall Busivid Customer Story

"BenefitMall allowed for us to pick and choose how we want our payroll, any additional products and benefit packages that suited our culture."

Helen Mitchell

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World Care Customer Story

"The client services, access and feasibility to support and our local office has been great offering us the tools and resources we need as a nonprofit."

Courtney Slanaker
Executive Director

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BenefitMall Consumer Brands

"It is about the accessibility for our employees to use the online portal to allow them to do more for themselves, the simplicity and ease of use."

Bill Topaz
President - Publishing

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"BenefitMall has helped us automate our processes and streamline our back-end administrative tasks just like how we help our clients."

Haris Heldic
Director of Marketing

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The Lambs Club

"BenefitMall works hard to make sure your unique needs are met, and the customization won't stop until you find yourself saying 'bing' as well."

Parul Joshi
Finance Controller

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Ledger Solutions

"The platform that BenefitMall is providing me and my clients is much more intuitive than any I have seen."

Lance Martin

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Rescue Air

"I really found value in the resources that BenefitMall provided to me as a small business start-up."

Josh Campbell

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Customer Story Kade Icon

"The thing about my BenefitMall rep is that he cares. He visits my restaurants, knows what we are doing and what our goals are."

Kade Mislinski

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BenefitMall Customer Story Sunniva

"I felt like I was serviced and received support from human beings not a clunky machine."

Jim DeCicco

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My Chiropractor Customer Story

"Since making the switch, BenefitMall helped us take the necessary steps towards becoming compliant with our payroll taxes."

Patricia Muchnij
Office Manager

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Customer Story Bissell Insurance Icon

"Our employees love being able to login and get their own reports and information in the payroll system."

Cindy Pack
Office Manager

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Why BenefitMall?

There's no better way to learn how BenefitMall payroll can work for your business than to hear it straight from our customers. Businesses like yours share their insights with you. 


"At the time, I needed more than just a sales person and BenefitMall was able to do that. I really found value in the resources that BenefitMall provided to me as a small business start-up. That was my tipping point in choosing BenefitMall as my payroll provider over the others."

Josh Campbell
Owner, Rescue Air Heating and AC



"I would recommend BenefitMall to another business owner simply because of the history and heritage the company has. They're a trusted partner, they've been around and they know the ins-and-outs of everything you need to know in regards to payroll, compliance, and HR. They are the experts to go to and I feel like they have freed me up so that I can grow my business and focus on my day-to-day."

Amy Power
President & CEO, The Power Group



"We strictly moved to BenefitMall because we believe they are going to provide a more consistent service, in which they have."

Meagan Chaddick
Chief Operating Officer, Operations SSG



"BenefitMall is just a great company to work with. They've really helped us grow our business and also given great information and insight on how the industry works."

Michael Waldman
President, Employee Benefits, Waldman Bros.