Partner Testimonial: Ledger Solutions

Partner Testimonial - Ledger Solutions


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Building a Practice with Big Service

Recently taking the plunge into entrepreneurship by starting his own CPA practice, Ledger Solutions in Tucson, Arizona, Lance Martin chose to start providing the big service that small businesses are in need of. Finding a unique niche between the large national CPA firms and the small firms that employ less experienced advisors, Lance Martin provides small businesses the quality, high-end financial services they need to keep payroll processing running smoothly and all tax items in order.

He is solving a problem many small businesses face: Do they hire the large firm where prices are extremely inflated to pay for their overhead costs or do they hire the less experienced advisors and end up in a messy financial situation?

Lance Martin is no stranger to BenefitMall and their payroll services. He had previously been referring new business to BenefitMall with in his role as a CPA and controller in larger firms. This partnership continued with Ledger Solutions.

“When I made the decision to go out and start my own accounting firm, the rep that I had been working with over the previous ten years while I was in privately-held corporations approached me about becoming a partner with BenefitMall on my own,” Lance mentioned.

Now, with each new referral he provides to BenefitMall, not only his clients reap the benefits, his business does too.


Service Second to None

Having built a strong relationship with BenefitMall over the years, they have become his go-to payroll provider for his clients. Him and his clients find the BenefitMall payroll software to be far more intuitive, thus streamlining the payroll process. When onboarding new clients to his firm, Lance always recommends BenefitMall for several reasons – the service, the user-interface, the ease of mind – and these are just a few that he hits home with.

"When onboarding my new clients, we always have a discussion of payroll providers and I can talk price all day long," Lance said. "It's going to be pretty close in price with whoever you go with, but the thing that hits home with my small business clients is when I ask them about service."

"Do they want to be on the phone for a while trying to get a hold of someone? Or do they want the support needed, when they need it?" Lance mentioned. "They always choose service and the service they choose is second to none.”


Not only do his clients receive a simple, user-friendly portal that is highly intuitive, they no longer have to worry about maintaining payroll compliance - their payroll taxes are deducted with each payroll process. This lessens the stress on both his clients and himself. 


A Win-Win

Choosing to partner with BenefitMall to service his firm’s clients has been an easy choice for Lance.

“I don’t want to partner with reps that won’t be around when myself or my clients need support,” Lance stated. “If a client has a problem occur, they can always reach out to me and I can be their advocate to go back to the BenefitMall or they can call their support team directly.”

Not only is service a large part in Lance’s choice when choosing a payroll partner, but he knows that choosing to partner with BenefitMall allows him admin access into his client’s payroll portals. Via the online portal Lance can quickly and easily access important tax information for his clients. This is service that goes above and beyond other payroll offerings.

“CPAs could partner with other payroll providers, but why would they want to?” Lance asked. “The platform that BenefitMall is providing me and my clients is much more intuitive than any I have seen and the support that I receive as a CPA has made all the difference for my business and my clients’ businesses.”


Why Would You Not?

We know that our accounting partners need accessible support and payroll software that is intuitive for both their clients and themselves. That’s why at BenefitMall, we believe in providing top-notch technology and quality service to both small businesses and the partners that work with us. We allow small business to focus on running their business and give our partners peace of mind knowing we are there to support them and their clients. It’s pretty simple – We provide big satisfaction, big service and big savings for our small business customers and partners. Let us handle all your clients’ payroll needs and rest easy with one year free of payroll.


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