Hammond Home Improvement & Repair
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10 Minutes or Less
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Denver, CO
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Plotting a Path to Success

As the owner of Hammond Home Improvement & Repair, Pete Hammond spends a lot of time working with his hands, doing what he loves. Pete was taking a quick break from a job when we caught up with him as he made sure the client’s dogs didn’t get out. Based in Colorado, Hammond Home Improvement & Repair focuses on custom woodworking, home maintenance and repair.
With more than 20 years of experience, Pete started his business in 2013 so he could share his love of woodworking with his fellow Coloradans. As a small business serving residential and business clients, Pete strives to provide excellent work for each of his clients.

Selecting the Right Tools

When he decided to start his business, Pete wanted to make sure he had someone to manage his payroll so he could focus his attention on each project, big or small. Initially, Pete researched several potential payroll businesses and even looked at using an accountant for his payroll needs. 

For a few months Hammond Home Improvement & Repair’s payroll was handled by an accountant, but Pete quickly decided that wasn’t the most efficient option for his small business. The time it took to get a response from the accountant was taking him away from his work. He wanted to find something more streamlined and efficient.

Building a Successful Partnership

Pete found what he was looking for in a payroll company when he was referred to BenefitMall by his bank. After partnering with BenefitMall, Pete says the transition was “a really great thing, very seamless.” Pete wanted to be in control of his payroll and the monthly reporting he needed. 

“I just go online, login, and it prints all the monthly reports. It prints the yearly reports. It does the W-2s for me. It takes me 10 minutes to do payroll. It’s a huge time saver!” 

Focusing on payroll is not where small businesses need to be spending their time. People like Pete want to be working on their craft, not doing paperwork. 

BenefitMall has freed up Pete’s time and made the administrative portion of his business much more streamlined. He has been able to get prompt responses from his BenefitMall representative regarding insurance, taxes and any questions that arise throughout the process. No more waiting multiple days for answers.

“I’m a huge BenefitMall guy, I spread the word. It’s a great program! There’s a certain immediacy about BenefitMall that’s really good. You can get your answer right away.”

Now Pete has more time to focus on his work, making each space look and function efficiently throughout the Colorado Front Range communities. 
Check out some of Pete’s work here!