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BenefitMall payroll services for Phoenix

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San Diego is an exciting and dynamic community thanks to its location in Southern California. The area's employers include the U.S. Navy along with a number of important healthcare and technology companies. Some of those companies already partner with BenefitMall to handle their payroll and benefits administration. What about your company?

Outsourcing payroll and benefits administration allows our clients to devote more of their time and resources to their core products and services. They can put their efforts into serving their own customers because they are not distracted by payroll and benefits. 

You can count on BenefitMall for comprehensive payroll services, employee benefits, HR services, and both state and federal tax compliance. We take all the headaches out of benefits and payroll processing by taking on as many of those tasks as you want.

If you are looking for a basic, cloud-based payroll platform with no-frills, we have one. If you need a customized payroll solution for the restaurant or construction industries, we have that too. We can even offer you a comprehensive, full-service payroll and benefits solution that takes care of everything.


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