The Exercise Coach
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20 Minutes
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Dallas, TX
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Health & Fitness

 A Passion Fueled by Technology

“After living all over the world for work and keeping very active lifestyles for the past 30 years, we decided that it was our time to discover what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives,” said Mary. “We had always talked about owning our own business, so we did just that.”

Mary and Pat Sculley’s passion and desire to help people become and stay healthy became a reality in 2013, when three locations of The Exercise Coach in Dallas, Texas, opened up.  At first glance, their space may look like a typical gym, with standard equipment on display. However, it is way beyond just that environment.  The Exercise Coach health and fitness philosophy is integrated with business intelligence capabilities.  This includes proprietary technology and specialty machines, along with a unique personal training approach.  Their technology-enhanced personal training optimizes workouts based on the abilities and goals of each individual, requiring only two 20-minute workouts a week to achieve a client’s health and fitness goals.

“With the software we use, we provide a safe, injury free workout by being able to see, not just how many pounds a client is lifting, but also the level of effort and amount of force being used,” Pat said. “Not only does it allow us to determine where a change is needed to eliminate the risk of injury, but it also allows us to provide an effective workout for individuals who may have a previous injury.  The data is stored for each workout, which then allows us to create progress reports on your improvement over time. All data is captured, stored, and is available for the client at any moment. Everyone’s data is different and very much their own.”

The Exercise Coach offers many areas of benefit from weight loss management, diabetes and osteoporosis management, to improving the health of your heart and lungs. Their methodology and approach can help anyone, even the most seasoned athletes.

Beyond technology and personal training, Mary, Pat and their team of coaches offer much more – they are mentors and cheerleaders every step of the way. They help educate and guide clients on the path to living a more active and healthier lifestyle.


 The Move to Innovative Technology

When we started The Exercise Coach, I did the payroll processing in-house and it was really awful,” Mary said. “After being in HR for almost my entire career, I knew I never wanted the responsibility of payroll.  I was not looking forward to doing it now with my own business.”

For the first few weeks after starting The Exercise Coach, Mary tackled processing payroll in-house herself and she would only keep it up until the business grew enough to consider an outsourced payroll partner. However, that was before she was introduced to a BenefitMall specialist at a local networking event. 

“Of course other companies talked to me about payroll, but BenefitMall approached me with the understanding of what I needed as a small business owner in terms of resources, technology and pricing,” said Mary. “The decision was easy. I went with them right away.” 

Since then, Mary has not spent time dreading and performing the payroll process, but rather she and Pat are fully focused on what matters most - their passion for helping others live a healthy lifestyle.


Technology on Top

Just as The Exercise Coach is using new, user-friendly technology to provide their clients the optimal workout experience, we at BenefitMall strive for the same high standards in exceptional technology and best-in-class service. Our online payroll solution includes HR features, and enhancements that are built in to help your business stay compliant and up-to-date with continually changing regulations, forms and tax jurisdictions. We want you to get back to what you’re passionate about, just like Mary. 

Check out the team & equipment below!