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From Dorm Rooms to Whole Foods

Just a short 15 months ago, Sunniva's “super coffee” was first crafted in Jordan Decicco’s dorm room during his freshman year at a local Maryland college. A true underdog story in the world of coffee, stimulant-energy drinks and protein shakes, three brothers have banded together and made the necessary sacrifices to make their small business dream a reality. Jordan, Jake and Jim, all played collegiate sports and faced the same problem as many other athletes, students, yoga moms and active participants in regards to finding the energy needed for the day, but crafted wholesome, organic ingredients. Tired of falling asleep in class and not wanting to turn to a frappuccino or energy drink filled with sugars and artificial ingredients, Jordan wanted a better solution. He started experimenting with different natural ingredients such as coffee, protein and coconut oil. This was the beginning of “super coffee”. 

“Jack and I got a call from Jordan saying that we should try this coffee since it helped with his workouts, his studying in the library and much more throughout the day,” Jim mentioned. “We started drinking it also and before long he started selling it to his classmates and coaches.”

This was the spark they needed. It didn’t take long for all three brothers to realize they had a potential business on their hands. Jordan took some time off from school, not returning his sophomore year, and Jim quit his job as a financial analyst to become entrepreneurs. They took the plunge – they wanted to sell their product to the masses and solve the energy problems others just like them may be facing.


Making Sense of the Payroll World

As the brothers continued to raise capital and saw tremendous growth in their company, they knew they needed someone to help them manage their money and payroll processes. Turning to a CPA and close friend of theirs, they were referred to a large payroll and HR company to help them get started with all the legalities and complexities of managing payroll. Jim felt that he was oversold for what they needed for their small business.

“It felt like a very slimy thing. I was sold on something very intricate and complex and simply didn’t have a need for it as we only had three full time employees,” Jim stated. “It was costing me $100 every time I wrote a single check for payroll and I found it ridiculous.”

After realizing that he had more product and less support than he needed, he was ready for a change. A local banker in Maryland then referred him to BenefitMall.

“Meeting with our local BenefitMall rep several times in person and making the switch to their payroll platform all went very smooth,” Jim said. “It was human. I felt like I was serviced and received support from human beings and not a clunky machine with big bureaucratic red tape.”

Starting and running any business requires you to wear many different hats. Their main priority was selling their product – not payroll. Luckily, Jim and his brothers have BenefitMall. Processing payroll takes just a few minutes each week. Jim doesn’t need to worry to stress over the back-end office processes, he has more time to focus on getting his product out to the public. Just so, Sunniva’s products can now be found in numerous Wholefoods in the northeast.


Grow Your Business with BenefitMall

At BenefitMall we believe in pairing top-notch technology with the highest quality of customer service. It is in the level of service and online software solutions that businesses value when choosing to partner with BenefitMall that in turn allows them to worry less over their payroll and HR administrative tasks. As your company sees growth, it is important to have a payroll provider that will grow alongside you, providing the resources and solutions your company needs then they need it. Instead of sitting on the phone trying to reach someone to discuss your payroll and facing many automated phone trees, focus on your growing business and let BenefitMall handle your payroll and HR needs. Learn how BenefitMall can give you the specialized service your business deserves today. 

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