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Four Generations of Customer Service

“The right way to succeed as a small business is by investing in your employees and products to provide the best services possible.” said Joshua Campbell, owner of Rescue Air Heating and AC.

He was on his way to a customer service seminar when we stopped by. Every year, he and his staff participate in training courses that reinforce those small details that make customers trusting, welcoming, and happy when allowing someone into their home for a service call. Simple things like not stepping into a home without receiving explicit permission, how to interact with children, or simply maintaining a clean and professional demeanor. The little things that too many service companies overlook.

For Joshua Campbell, it is this dedication customer service not just AC heating and cooling that comes naturally. His family has a long history in the industry. His great-grandfather and great-uncle originally started the family trade in Virginia, and it has been passed down for four generations.

Keeping the family trade and commitment to service alive, Joshua with his entrepreneurial spirit, partnered with his uncle to expand the family business in Texas. In 2014, they opened Rescue Air Heating & AC in Dallas with just a small handful of employees. 


A Shared Dedication to Service

As a new start-up business, Joshua wanted to find a payroll and tax compliance partner that not only had the right products and solutions, but the same dedication to customer service that he provided his customers.

“After speaking with my insurance guy, he recommended BenefitMall as a great payroll solution for my small business,” said Joshua. “I was contacted shortly after by a BenefitMall sales rep, who earned my business, not only because of the great fit for my company’s needs as a start-up, but because of the trusted relationship we began.”

“At the time, I needed more than just a sales person and BenefitMall was able to do that,” he said. “I really found value in the resources that BenefitMall provided to me as a small business start-up. That was my tipping point in choosing BenefitMall as my payroll provider over the others.”


It's Heating Up

Since choosing BenefitMall almost two years ago, Joshua and his uncle have seen their business succeed and grow in multiple ways. They have increased their employee headcount to seven, plus many subcontractors and expanded from a 2,000 sq. ft. warehouse to 6,000 sq. ft. Joshua attributes this success to the training of his employees, the company’s streamlined and efficient processes, and the online reviews they receive from customers.

“Our employees have the ideal of perfection on every job and if we fall short of that perfection, then we’ll make it right.” Joshua said. “We have a satisfaction guarantee that we stand by and it’s our job to get it right so we get amazing reviews from our customers.”

Serving You So You Can Serve Your Customers.

We are proud that BenefitMall can meet the high standard of service that Joshua Campbell expects from his staff and all of his partners. We strive to not only offer exceptional technology, but to become an extension of your team, handling your payroll, compliance and benefits, so that you can get back to what inspires you.