Print CPG
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30 Minutes
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User-Friendly Software
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Tucson, AZ
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Marketing Solutions Provider

With Success Comes Growth

With over twenty years of experience, Print CPG has taken a new spin on the traditional printing industry with a commitment to redefining the print industry by continually seeking and finding better solutions for themselves and their clients. Whether it is developing a custom marketing asset-management workflow or simply being the primary partner and resource for a small business’ print production, one thing remains the same – their culture of focusing on top talent, the best technology, and customized service is always at the core.

With a recent rebranding, Print CPG has come into their own and found their identity as a small business that functions on a large business scale all for their clients. They are striving to provide the latest ideas, products and services, and value to help themselves and their clients ahead of the curve.

When speaking with Haris Heldic, Director of Marketing at Print CPG, and Erin Shepard, Administrator, about the recent rebranding launch of Print CPG, you can fully see the growth their company has experienced due to their team mentality.

“To get where we are today and seeing the large growth in the past few years, we recruited top talent outside of our industry and we focused on culture more than anything else,” Haris said. “We all at Print CPG fully believe in the concepts that we stand by as our building blocks of our company and that is talent, technology and service.”

They are becoming not only a marketing solution provider in the print industry for their clients, but a partner that their clients turn to when they need work flow automation, design & development, commercial digital printing and more. All with the quality, efficiency and consistency that their clients deserve. 


Choosing the Perfect Fit

As they grew year over year, Print CPG matured from one person handling all payroll and HR responsibilities to multiple people, adding more complexities and time spent trying to stay compliant and run payroll effortlessly. As Erin Shepard, administrator at Print CPG, took on more of the payroll and HR responsibilities, she knew they needed a company that would understand the growth their company would see and the level of service they wanted, just like how Print CPG provides their products and services to their clients. “We wanted a company that we could call up and let them know what our issues were instead of listening to so many automated messages and possibly being on hold for two hours,” Erin said. “We also wanted a payroll system that would speak to our other systems so we could just run a report or export the numbers to run payroll, instead of manually entering numbers between multiple systems.”

“When we met BenefitMall and their reps, I instantly felt, for a lack of a better word, a company that was down to earth," Erin mentioned. "They were willing to work with an upcoming small company that functions on a very large scale.”

After making the switch to BenefitMall, Erin saw several improvements over their previous payroll provider. Now they run payroll smoothly, have customer service levels that Print CPG was accustomed to, and stay compliant with the ever-changing insurance and HR laws.  This was everything that Print CPG needed. 

“We have similar values to BenefitMall in regards to customer service,” Erin states. “Plus, the payroll platform is user-friendly and that helps us as we are growing due to being able to add on products that we may need in the future. In the end, BenefitMall has helped us automate our processes and streamline our back-end administrative tasks just like how we at Print CPG help our clients automate their printing and marketing assets.”


Automate Your Payroll and HR Tasks with BenefitMall

At BenefitMall we believe in pairing top-notch technology with the highest quality of customer service. It is in the level of service and online software solutions that businesses value when choosing to partner with BenefitMall that in turn allows them to worry less over their payroll and HR administrative tasks. As your company sees growth, it is important to have a payroll provider that will grow alongside you, providing the resources and solutions your company needs when they need it. Instead of sitting on the phone trying to reach someone to discuss your payroll and facing many automated phone trees, focus on your growing your business and let BenefitMall handle your payroll and HR needs. Learn how BenefitMall can give you the specialized service your business deserves today.   

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