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Holistic Health Done Right

Founded in 1988, My Chiropractor Health and Wellness Centers is committed to increasing the health and well-being of their patients and their families by offering a vast array of holistic health services. My Chiropractor Health and Wellness is led by Dr. Greg Muchnij who won Patients Choice Award in 2015. Whether it is volunteering time to help babies and children to educating our aging population, Dr. Greg and his wife Patricia spend their time at their two office locations in Arizona. They have a passion for helping care for patients in all aspects of well-being.

“I don’t just like to pop or crack a bone back in place,” said Dr. Greg. “Instead, I like to change attitudes and habits through a holistic approach and educating my patients about their body and healthy patterns for their lives.”

Dr. Greg and his staff have seen much growth through the years going from one office location to two office locations. With the expansion of two offices they have brought in more health specialties all while maintaining the quality, cutting-edge diagnostics and healing techniques their patients have come to know and love. 


Opening the Doors for More

When Dr. Greg and My Chiropractic Health and Wellness moved office spaces, they knew in the long run it would allow them to focus more on patient health and bring in more specialties as the practice grew. As Patricia handles all of the administrative tasks to keep the business running, she knew that she needed a partner that had the same dedication and focus she had to keep their office running smoothly.

“When you own your own business, you are always looking for ways to save money and cut costs on the back-end,” said Patricia. “And that’s what our BenefitMall rep was able to help us do with our payroll processing. So we made the switch to BenefitMall.”

During the switch over to BenefitMall, Patricia and Dr. Greg had realized that their previous provider had made a terrible error. This error included not having taken taxes out for quite some time causing alarm and great concern. The implications of not having the proper taxes taken out could have been disastrous to their business with hefty fine from the IRS. As a business owner, this could have resulted in not only fines, but important time lost from their business if they would have had to deal with a payroll nightmare like this. However, these problems were solved once they made the switch to BenefitMall.  During the transition to BenefitMall payroll, their payroll specialist was not only able to get them back on track to maintain compliance but made the move extremely smooth. 

“Since we made the switch, BenefitMall helped us take the necessary steps towards becoming compliant with our payroll taxes that our previous provider had missed,” Patricia said.  

Maintaining Payroll and HR Compliance with BenefitMall

At BenefitMall we believe in pairing top-notch technology with the highest quality of customer service to help your business process payroll smoothly and maintain compliance. As your company sees growth, it is important to have a payroll provider that will grow alongside you. You will want a payroll provider who can provide the resources and solutions your company needs, when you need it. Instead of worrying about your payroll taxes and if your business is compliant with rules and regulations, focus on your growing your business. Let BenefitMall handle your payroll and keep your business in check. Learn how BenefitMall can give you the specialized service your business deserves today.