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20 Minutes
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Employee Portal
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Dallas, TX
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Commercial Printing

Adapting to the Digital Age

Behind a quiet storefront tucked away in a nondescript commercial center is the four-person team of Legacy Printing, a print shop that has adapted to the demands of the digital age, while maintaining the character of more traditional craftsmanship.

Owner and operator, Jim Turnell, gave us a tour of his shop where hundred-year old large steel presses and stamps stood next to modern, plastic, mass-production machines. The former used for custom cards and stationery that required a little more charm and the latter to meet the quick turnaround runs for local businesses.

Despite the challenges of a changing industry, Jim and his team produce both with exceptional service and customer care.  

 “I’ve been in the printing business for over 20 years,” says Jim Turnell. “I have seen the industry go from printing tons of manuals and brochures to a slow transition when the market took a turn in 2009, when businesses all started cutting budgets on printing.”


A Disastrous Merger

In order to adapt to a changing industry, Jim’s company went through a merger with another local Dallas print shop to form Legacy Print Group. He named the company with the dream of building a business that he can pass down to his children and their families.

A merger of two businesses no matter the size requires many daunting tasks and none more daunting than the requirements related to payroll and tax compliance. At the time, Jim partnered with the industry’s largest payroll provider.

They were tasked with ensuring all processes and reporting would suffice for year-end taxes and forms. However, the process failed drastically. His payroll provider failed to produce accurate W-2s, and every employee received multiple versions. This caused his company and employees to experience a disaster in filing their own personal taxes. It was one of the worst business nightmares for Jim and his employees.


The Goldilocks Phenomenon

After spending hours on the phone with the IRS explaining the situation and time spent calming his employees, Jim knew he needed a payroll provider better fit for his company.

He decided to go small. He moved from a payroll giant where he was a small fish in the big sea, to a much smaller payroll provider where he hoped to get more individualized service. While his service needs were met, he missed the more advanced technology features from his previous provider. It now took much longer to process payroll and reports. He knew this small provider was still not the right fit.

“What I needed in a payroll provider was someone that I could talk to any time I had a question or problem and the conveniences of technology such as the employee portals and report access,” Jim said.

So, he switched again - this time to BenefitMall. “The services available, the weekly processing, the convenience factors of the user-friendly employee portals all save me worry and hassle as the business owner.”

“BenefitMall is a great payroll solution for a small business due to the big company perks but the small company feel.”


Right-Fitted, So You Can Get Back to What Inspires You

Jim Turnell and Legacy Printing are continuing to adapt to a changing industry and new customer demands by blending the experience of traditional print with the advancements of technology. At BenefitMall, we’re proud to provide the right product and services that allow our small business customers get away from payroll, tax compliance and benefits and back to what inspires them.  

Check out Jim in action below!