Time   Time to Run Payroll
15 Minutes
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User-Friendly Software
Location   Location
Tucson, AZ
Number of Employees   # of Employees
Industry   Industry
Food & Beverage

A Local Entrepreneur

Tucson, Arizona is no stranger to Kade Mislinski and his passion in the restaurant industry – it is home to three of his successful restaurants. His entrepreneurism and spirit has led to many of his restaurants, such as Batch Café and Bar, being featured in Tucson Foodie, Tucson Weekly, Couture in the Suburbs and more. Being a third-generation restaurant guy, the experience of working in over 29 restaurants, opening 15 restaurants for a restaurant group, and finally opening his own restaurants, you could say Kade knows a thing or two about what makes a restaurant successful.

From conceptualizing menus, finding the right ambience and managing over 60 employees with multiple locations, Kade stays a busy man.


Focusing in on What's Important

After Kade left the restaurant group he worked for in Tucson, he knew he wanted to carve his own path and open his own restaurant. And he did just that. As a small business owner of several successful restaurants, Kade spends most of his time brainstorming unique ideas for his restaurants and new ways to keep the local residents coming back for more, all while maintaining daily operations and the back-office tasks required of every business owner.

Creating that personal connection and keeping it local, or localism, as he refers to it is what makes Kade and his restaurants unique. As he explains, Tucson is like a big city living the small town dream. It is a close-knit family of vendors, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and more that make the magic happen. 

"The Tucson restaurant scene is based all around our vendors. We are really protective of who we use and we like the 'go-local' vibe that is happening everywhere," Kade stated. "Everyone knows who I use for produce, for meats, and even for payroll."


Building His Family

Since 2008, Kade has chosen BenefitMall to be a part of his vendor family. Due to the long-lasting relationship Kade has with his local BenefitMall rep, the customer service he has received, and the flexible payroll software, Kade can focus on what is important – growing his restaurants.

“I have to have the ability to focus on my job and the restaurants so I can come up with the creative, the food, and the ambience,” Kade mentioned. “I manage this by having a business partner, vendors and employees who I trust.”

“The thing about my BenefitMall rep is that he cares. He visits my restaurants, knows what we are doing and what our goals are,” Kade said. "Having your go-to payroll guy take that interest is great. It's what makes the difference and I appreciate it."


Build Your Business with BenefitMall Alongside

As Kade continues to open new restaurants such as Saguaro Corners, Monkey Burger and Batch, he continues to call upon BenefitMall and his local rep. He always receives everything a small business owner needs – great service, outstanding support, a flexible easy-to-use payroll solution, and much more. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kade and what new restaurant vision he will cook up next.

As your company sees growth and expansion, it is important to have a payroll provider that will grow alongside you, providing the resources and solutions your company needs when they need it, just like for Kade and his restaurants. Focus in on what is important to you and learn how BenefitMall can give you the specialized, local service your business deserves today. 

Kade M. Cluster