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10 Minutes
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Easy Reporting
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Austin, TX & Sydnet, AUS
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Video Software

From Down Under to State Side

When you combine the words Business and Video you end up with the company Busivid, a software company built from the ground up to allow businesses to create, manage and distribute video. Steven and Helen Mitchell, the founders of Busivid, began their entrepreneurial journey in 1989 in Texas, but after two years, they returned home to Australia where they opened an ad agency.

After producing and making videos for some of Australia’s Top 100 companies, a lightbulb turned on. Why not streamline and automate their processes and software for businesses that wants to use more video, but struggles with the cost, time and complexity involved? Busivid allows for small to large businesses to make professional branded videos in only minutes with almost no training, while also automating the video distribution to a variety of channels. “The unique approach we have can reduce the time and effort required to create professional business videos by up to 80%,” explained Helen. “Most companies can see sales conversions go up by about 60% when video is used and that’s why we developed Busivid to help businesses break into video production.”

Helen and Steven were no rookies at running businesses in Australia, but when they decided to open up a new office location back in Texas, there was a lot to learn. Mastering all of the U.S. business and payroll regulations is not a small task, they knew they would need a partner.


The Safe Bet vs. The Right Choice

“As non-Americans, you rely on the network of like-minded business people, clients and support providers you meet along the way when introducing your startup to the U.S.,” Helen mentioned. “Our bank manager and accountant both recommended and encouraged us to run payroll with “the safe bet” and being new to the U.S. payroll market we didn’t know of any others that could be the right choice.”

Helen and Steven’s experience was satisfactory at first, but over time they found as their business was growing in many different directions, the inflexibility of their current payroll solution was wearing on them. It became a source of great frustration. Running the Texas location from 15 hours away in Australia only made it even more difficult. It wasn’t long before they realized the solution they had was not working and a change was needed. They knew then that it was imperative to find a more versatile payroll provider that could tackle the intricacies of their business versus that of a large process-driven company.
“As a tech business that is flexible and nimble for small businesses to customize their video production experience, we look to partner with companies that are more adaptable with us as we see growth,” Helen mentioned. After meeting a BenefitMall sales rep at a local networking event and being tired of all the restrictions with their previous provider, Helen and Steven decided to make the change to BenefitMall as they moved into their new commercial space in Austin, Texas.  

“BenefitMall allowed for us to pick and choose how we want our payroll, any additional products and benefit packages that suited our culture and employee preferences – we are glad we don’t have the “one size fits all” solution anymore.”


Customizing Your Solutions with BenefitMall

At BenefitMall, we understand that as your business grows, so do your payroll, benefits and compliance needs. We want to grow with you and offer the right solutions at the right time so you only pay for what you need when you need it. We offer top-notch payroll technology and support, HR services and benefits to help our customers focus on what they love without having to worry about being in the office. Our technology and service options are flexible and eliminate the feelings of being confined to one or two service options. You also have the ability to add on integrated products and services like 401(k), Workers’ Compensation and more. Learn how BenefitMall can be the flexible solution for your business today. 

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