Time   Time to Run Payroll
20 Minutes
Favorite Feature   Favorite Feature
Customer Service
Location   Location
Jacksonville, FL
Number of Employees   # of Employees
Industry   Industry
Insurance Services

An Impressive Past

With over forty-five years of industry experience, Bissell Insurance has brought local agency service together with large company security to the residents and business owners of Northeast Florida. Whether it is providing home insurance to the local community or a host of insurance choices to commercial clients, one thing stays consistent – their dedication to provide the best customer service.

Being a second-generation family owned business, David Bissell and his employees have cemented their legacy these past forty-five years. They know their clients deserve more than just a policy in the mail and a monthly bill. They are striving to provide the best selection of insurer coverage and the right program at the right price.

When speaking with Cindy Pack, Office Manager, about their customer service and variety of options for clients, you can truly see their passion for keeping the focus intimate and local versus an automated system with 1-800 numbers.

“We have had our clientele since David’s father operated the business back in the 70s,” Cindy said. “We have been able to keep those clients and acquire new clients because of the intimate relationships we keep. We call them even if their premium goes up 5%.”

That relationship and providing top-notch service is what makes Bissell Insurance stand out from the crowd. 


The Many Headaches that Followed

Managing their payroll in-house had been tradition, but they soon ran into problems. The many manual hours of calculating year to dates, hand-written checks, and back-office reporting for employees kept Cindy away from more important tasks. They decided it was time for a change. They brought in a payroll provider to help relieve Cindy of her payroll tasks and back-office burdens.
However, the issues didn’t stop there. Each year, Cindy was hit was a storm of incorrect W-2s. The forms were never correct, causing Cindy and Bissell Insurance employees many headaches.

It was time for another change. They switched payroll providers again, this time to their bank. But once again, Cindy received incorrect W-2 forms. The headaches never seemed to cease.

Cindy and David had discussed making yet another payroll provider change right at the perfect time. A local BenefitMall payroll rep was in the area and reached out to see how BenefitMall could help.


A Change for the Win

“The timing was perfect. Our BenefitMall rep gave us a call right as we were getting ready for year-end,” Cindy mentioned. “We had been thinking about making the switch to a new provider and decided BenefitMall was the payroll service provider we needed.”

After transitioning to BenefitMall, Cindy has seen the same customer service that they provide to their clients at Bissell Insurance. With zero kinks during the transition, saving a couple hundred dollars per year, and providing their employees a user-friendly portal they can access for their individual information, Cindy and everyone at Bissell are much happier.

“Our employees love being able to login and get their own reports and information in the payroll system,” Cindy said. “It’s a win-win all the way around.”


Automate Your Payroll and HR Tasks with BenefitMall

At BenefitMall we believe in pairing top-notch technology with the highest quality of customer service. It is in the level of service and online software solutions that businesses value when choosing to partner with BenefitMall that in turn allows them to worry less over their payroll and HR administrative tasks. Focus on your growing your business and let BenefitMall handle your payroll and HR needs.