Top Tier Pools Customer Story
Time   Time to Run Payroll
10 Minutes or Less
Favorite Feature   Favorite Feature
    User Interface
Location   Location
Nashville, TN
Number of Employees   # of Employees
Industry   Industry
Luxury Pool Builder

Making Dreams Come True

Have you ever dreamed of dipping your toes into a cool, refreshing pool on a hot summer’s day? Or lounging on a float with drink in-hand on the weekend? Those are the types of dreams that Top Tier Pools gladly fulfills for their clients.
While only getting started in 2016, Top Tier Pools has quickly made a name for themselves in the greater Nashville area. With a focus on the client, co-owners Eric and Bo have assembled a team that provides their clients with high-end, luxury pools and spas. Looking for more? No worries. Top Tier Pools also provides their clients with state-of-the-art pool houses and kitchens. In short summary, they make backyard dreams come true.


Communication and Research

The team’s primary concern is the client. They focus on working closely with the client and ensuring there is a strong stream of communication. From understanding expectations at the start to delivering on expectations at the end, their team is dedicated. 

That’s where BenefitMall comes into play. While trying to bear the payroll burden on his own, Bo was performing all payroll needs in-house, by hand. This took an abundance of time away from where he was needed most – at the job sites. His experience and skills were needed with the crew working on their customized projects. 
Karen, Office Manager, was then tasked with doing research to find the most suited payroll company for their needs. Karen started her research online looking at reviews for payroll companies. At the top – she found BenefitMall. 


Making it Easy

After reaching out to BenefitMall for more information, Karen met with her local BenefitMall representative. Karen was excited to learn that her rep was less than 10 minutes away from their office. This convenience was key for her.  

Karen quickly came to love her local rep, “she was gracious, warm and receptive. Very down-to-earth. It felt like I had known her for years”. 

That feeling didn’t stop there. Karen stated, “everyone I have worked with at BenefitMall has just been lovely. Everything is so easy. You have videos and online cheat sheets and reminders. And anytime I have any questions I have had such a quick response and follow-up”.

Her absolute favorite feature? The software and interface for the end user. “You could hardly make it any more convenient. Using the online program is just wonderful”. 

The Top Tier Pools team has worked hard to provide top-notch, specialized swimming pools, spas, pool houses and kitchens for their customers. With the power of word-of-mouth, their faithful clients keep them busy all year long. And BenefitMall helps keep their employees where they are needed. They no longer have to worry about taking time off the job site to perform payroll – BenefitMall handles it all.