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Rockwall, TX
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‘Everyone Loves Bacon’

Founded in 2007, Bacon Plumbing is a family-owned operation that has been servicing residential and commercial plumbing needs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over 10 years. Needless to say, they have the experience, expertise, and the customer service to be one of the best. They pride themselves on servicing their Texan neighbors with honest and exceptional service. 

Their offerings go way beyond just your basic plumbing needs. They offer design services, fixture selection, room layouts and installation for brand new locations or for customers looking for a modern upgrade. In a plumbing pinch? They are also experts in helping customers solve any plumbing problems they may have. You will feel confident and comfortable with Bacon at your service. They are fully insured, fully uniformed and have fully wrapped vans and trucks. Branding and reputation are #1. Hence, it is easy to see why “Everyone Loves Bacon”. 

The Perfect Cook

BenefitMall strives to help Bacon stay true to this motto and reputation. While back office functions may not be visible to home owners and companies partnering with Bacon Plumbing, keeping their employees happy, paid on-time, and loyal is easily seen. 

After using an in-house accountant that decided she could handle payroll on her own, things turned south. Within a little over a year, Bacon Plumbing had a major disaster on their hands. It was then that Caryn Ochoa, Controller with Bacon Plumbing, was brought in and decided to outsource their payroll to a third-party partner. 

Caryn had previously worked with BenefitMall at a former company and was quick to recommend. After working with other payroll companies and having to wait on hold in a queue for over 45 minutes, she knew she was 100% sold on BenefitMall due to the customer service and support.

“Everything I have dealt with has been as pleasant as can be. All the reps are just incredibly wonderful and very knowledgeable. Anytime I call, I would maybe have to wait only two to three minutes. That’s big to me. Because usually by the time you’re calling you have a problem or concern and you don’t want to be stuck on hold for 45 minutes. You’re at crunch time”.

Not only that but she loves how personal everything feels. She has real help when she needs it. Not to mention a ‘very user-friendly payroll system’.

A True Partner

Want to put your best foot forward when presenting your company to your customers and partners? Check out BenefitMall. We help you keep your employees happy, paid on-time and loyal to you while keeping your back-office functions organized and running smoothly. Not only does this free your mind from worry, but allows you to focus on what matters to the most to you – your company and your customers. Give us just 15 minutes to show you how we can help!

Check out some of their work here!

Customer Review Bacon Plumbing

Customer Review Bacon Plumbing