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Leather Bag Retailer

Beautiful on the Inside and Out

BOCONI, a bag and leather goods company made from the finest Italian leather, hardware, and lining, got its name from a fusion of Connie and Bobby – the husband and wife team behind it all. Established in 2010, the duo set out to create the most stylish and well thought out bags you will ever carry. Their great attention to detail is visible in every aspect of their products. From the handsome leather and attractive exterior to the functional inside with RFID protection and standard features like laptop, tablet and phone pockets – they’ve crafted from-scratch products that are truly for their customers.

Bobby, the creative guru behind the designs and development listens to his customers and doesn’t design with an ego. He understands that consumers will tell you what they want. He draws inspiration from all his Nashville surroundings: family, sports, Southern living, and of course, music.

BOCONI collections reflect this mindset. Each of the collections have their own personalities. Drawing inspiration from music hall of famers such as Jimi Hendrix and Steven Tyler, Bobby has designs that suit everyone – from the business exec who dreams of being a Rockstar to the aspiring hipster with a big heart. Not only that, his children are a huge inspiration and have collections to reflect their personalities as well. Just check out the 'Bryant LTE' collection that draws inspiration from Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant and his legendary character for their oldest son, the outdoorsman; for their youngest son, the dapper 'Grant' collection uses 'Madman'-like linings and details that are on-point with the trends circulating today. 

The biggest test to any handbag, tote or workbag is its life span. BOCONI has repeat customers who have purchased products over seven years ago and are still actively using them for work, travel, and more. With BOCONI you get more than you imagined.

Do What You Do Best

How does BenefitMall help establish and grow a company like BOCONI? By allowing Bobby to do what he does best – design and develop and not worry about the back-office functions such as payroll.

“I shouldn't have to worry about payroll taxes and the IRS. It’s distracting to the business. Take a sales and marketing creative guy like myself and you take my eye off the ball, it’s not a good thing. You must surround yourself with strong people that do their thing. Like BenefitMall”.

Before BenefitMall, Bobby was previously using an in-house bookkeeper to tackle all his payroll needs. Shortly after beginning the relationship, he realized something was off with the numbers. Then, six months in they realized the bookkeeper was not paying his payroll taxes - a big issue. They had to part ways and find a true Payroll Partner. After getting a trusted referral from his bank, Bobby was introduced to his payroll representative from BenefitMall. 

“She is my favorite feature of BenefitMall. She’s got my back and is always a text or email away. The helpline that I can call is great too. Honestly, every single call has been fantastic. Never had a problem”.

Since switching to BenefitMall, thankfully running payroll, taxes and the IRS are the last thing on Bobby’s mind. He can focus on what matters most – running his business. And that is exactly what he needs to be doing – he has big things planned for BOCONI. Currently selling in Nordstrom stores, Bobby has plans for expanding and growing. Trust us, you will want to check out his stuff. 


You Do You, We Do Payroll

Allow us to tackle all of your payroll and tax needs while you focus on what you do best – running your business. It’s that simple. With our easy-to-use online portal both you and your employees are never in a panic. Not only that, but you will receive top-notch support from real people who know their stuff. Be an expert in your field and let BenefitMall be your payroll expert.


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