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More than a decade after the U.S. Congress began debating the merits of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), health insurance continues to be a hot topic in the workplace. Employers are compelled by the ACA to offer their eligible workers qualifying...Read more
How to handle health insurance benefits is a question more than one business owner has wrestled with over the years. You want to help employees as best you can with a rock-solid medical plan, but you also want to do what is best for the company's...Read more
It is no secret that benefits become even more important as the labor market tightens. Employers rely on benefits to retain current employees and recruit new ones. More importantly, they tend to search for new benefits that will give them the edge...Read more
Small and large companies alike may choose to adopt a Safe Harbor provision as part of their 401(k) plan design if they’re at risk of failing annual non-discrimination testing, but there are many factors at play when deciding if it’s the right fit...Read more
The United States is unique in that the majority of benefits provided by employers are not mandated by law. We are also unique in some of the non-traditional benefits now being offered, like student loan repayment assistance. So to compare worker...Read more
We all know what it's like to stand in line at the pharmacy waiting to pick up a prescription. Many of us also know what it's like to face sticker shock. You expect to pay less than $15 for a new prescription only to find out you're going to pay a...Read more
Setting goals for employees is not a new strategy. Companies have been doing it for decades. But what many are finding out in the era of big data is that the mere setting of goals alone doesn't do very much. In fact, goals can actually hinder...Read more