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Government Seeks to Clarify Child-Support Issues
When a state court issues a wage garnishment order against a person required to provide child support, it automatically triggers a set of actions that have to be completed in order to ensure compliance with the order. But like most things involving...Read more
5 Ways Company Culture Affects Payroll
Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer once said that "great companies have high cultures of accountability." His remarks cut right to the core of what company culture is supposed to be all about. Unfortunately, many a company in America lacks any sort...Read more
5 Hallmarks of a Good Payroll System
How do you know if your payroll provider is doing right by your company? How do you know you are getting the service you deserve when there are so many payroll providers out there? It's true that the world of payroll is not as simple as it used to...Read more
Payroll is a part of business that, by necessity, continues to evolve. Everything from economic conditions to employee needs affects a company's payroll department. As such, keeping an eye on payroll trends can make it easier to understand what the...Read more
When Employees Start Talking about Their Pay
You might be old enough to remember a time when it was unacceptable to talk about how much you made. You just didn't do it. The rules of society considered talking about your pay rude and even somewhat gauche. But times have changed. People are now...Read more
What New Employers Need to Know about Minimum Wage
We try to publish blog posts from time to time intended to help new business owners and first-time employers. This is one such post. It deals with minimum wage. Whether you are just starting a business or you're transitioning from sole proprietor to...Read more
The No Man's Land of Compensable Time
There is a labor law principle known to us in the payroll industry as 'compensable time'. It is a principle that governs what time employees must be compensated for and what time is compensation free. To us it is a no man's land of sorts, especially...Read more