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HR and Payroll Trends to Watch for in 2017
The past 12 months have certainly been interesting. From the political landscape to a slowly recovering economy to ongoing concerns about the Affordable Care Act, businesses have had a lot on their plates. For many, closing the door on 2016 is a...Read more
Outsourced Payroll Infographic
Payroll services in the U.S. have undergone an evolution of sorts since the commercial adoption of the Internet. What was an industry dominated by full-service payroll and HR companies has given way to online payroll services capable of competing by...Read more
Yes – It's W-2 Time Again for You and Your Workers
The passing of December means the holidays are over and for employers, it means something else: it is W-2 and W-3 season again. Both forms must be completed and filed by the end of January, so there is no time to waste in getting things in order in...Read more
How Your Payroll System Affects Your Balance Sheet
The balance sheet is to small business what an inspection sheet is to a car mechanic. It provides a quick snapshot of how the business is doing based on summaries of assets, liabilities, revenues, and profits. Smart business owners know that nearly...Read more
It's Good When Year-End Reviews Lead to Higher Payroll
It's that time of year again when middle managers start thinking about year-end performance reviews. From mid-November through the end of December, they will march their employees in, one by one, to sit down and talk about their accomplishments over...Read more
ACA Compliance Now Up in the Air
The recent federal elections did not end the way a lot of people thought they would. Now questions are turning to what can be expected when the new Congress and president begin their terms in January 2017. If news reports are to believed, one thing...Read more