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More than six years after the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became law, we are just beginning to see some of the results of its implementation. From the health of the federal exchanges to the number of Americans now insured, there is a lot of...Read more
In the competition to attract the best talent possible, business owners and managers have to be competitive with their compensation packages. Some use tax-free benefits to increase compensation packages without putting additional tax liabilities on...Read more
There is a lot to love about owning and operating a small business. Keeping track of all of the costs is not one of them. In fact, one of the few downsides of being self-employed as a business owner is having to put the time and effort into keeping...Read more
The rise of payroll processing companies over the last several decades is a reflection of how complicated payroll has become. Between employee expectations and state and federal laws, managing payroll for small businesses can be a time-consuming...Read more
Employers have an obligation to their workers and the law to make sure payroll is calculated and processed correctly. The last thing company owners and managers need are careless mistakes that result in inaccurate payroll. Such errors can lead to...Read more
Online payroll for small business makes it easier than ever for companies without a dedicated payroll department to manage and process payroll efficiently. In fact, contracting out payroll is now so common that it is getting harder and harder to...Read more
Is Safe Harbor Right for Your Company?
Determining the right type of 401(k) plan for your business can be challenging. With so many options and so much to consider, a key decision is whether to go with a traditional or a safe harbor design. This is important as your choice can have long-...Read more