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5 Things to Consider if You're Still Paying Cash Tips
Paying out employee tips in cash at the end of each night might seem like the most convenient option in the moment: there’s no need for formulas at the end of each pay period and your employees are happy to receive immediate payment. In the long-...Read more
Where Leadership and Collaboration Meet
'Leadership' and 'collaboration' are two buzzwords routinely used in the context of improving the performance of a business by taking advantage of the contributions each worker makes. It is fascinating to study the concepts associated with these two...Read more
The Key to Happy Employees
What is the most important factor in hiring and retaining the top talent? It's salary, right? Maybe not. Plenty of research has shown that while salary is important to employees, there are other things that are equally important. For example,...Read more
National Payroll Week 2016
Join Us in Observing National Payroll Week this September Every year since 1996, companies in the payroll industry have joined forces with the American Payroll Association to observe National Payroll Week ( NPW ) in September. This year's observance...Read more
How To Engage Employees With a 401(k) Plan
Even in the midst of high unemployment rates, it can be difficult to find and retain the best workers to make your business go. The old adage that good help is hard to find remains true today. So engaging employees in ways that build loyalty and...Read more
Outsourcing Strategies for Small Business
It is a critical question that never seems to be fully answered in the realm of small business: which tasks do we keep in-house and which ones do we outsource? From franchisees to entrepreneurs who build their own businesses from scratch, knowing...Read more