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As a leading provider of payroll services for small business, one of the persistent topics we deal with is the classification of workers. Where most small business employees are hourly or salaried workers, there is that small minority that provide...Read more
The Pesky 1099-MISC for Independent Contractors
If you are a regular reader of our blog, you know we frequently address the question of employee classification. We will not go through that again here, but we do want to touch on the pesky 1099-MISC form. This is the form used to report income paid...Read more
A Reminder About Per Diem Payments
You may have heard that the IRS recently released per diem rates for 2017-2018. These new rates are effective from October 1 through September 30 of 2018. In light of the new rates, we thought it might be wise to publish a reminder to our clients...Read more
Did you ever have a teacher tell you that there is no such thing as a dumb question? The concept is very familiar to most of us. Still, we find clients have questions about payroll processing they are afraid to ask out of some displaced guilt about...Read more
TFRP: What It Is and What You Need to Know About It
Imagine being a partner in a business that employs several dozen people. You have a competent payroll team that works alongside a payroll services provider to process payroll and ensure that taxes are withheld and paid. Everything is moving along...Read more
5 Tips for Better Payroll
As a service oriented company, BenefitMall strives to meet customer needs by providing a full range of payroll and benefits administration services. We offer basic packages to small businesses that still want to handle some of their own payroll...Read more
5 More Payroll Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask
There is no question about payroll processing too trivial to ask. Your fifth grade teacher was correct when she told you that there's no such thing as a dumb question. Here at BenefitMall, we love questions. We also love providing answers. So...Read more
3 Payroll Lessons to Learn from Harvey and Irma
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have caused widespread damage that will likely take years to fully recover from. Such is the nature of natural disasters of such huge proportions. If anything good can come from these sorts of things, it can be found in...Read more
Year-End is Coming - Begin Preparing NOW!
The end of summer and the start of new routines means getting back into the swing of things. It means the start of football, the beginning of a new school year, and weather that will gradually be getting colder and nights that will be getting...Read more