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Notable 2018 Tax Due Dates for the Payroll Department
It is beginning to look a lot like tax time for America's businesses. With the end of every calendar year and the start of a new one comes the responsibility of making sure numerous tax forms are filed accurately and on time. And make no mistake;...Read more
Holiday Tipping: A Quick Restaurant Payroll Reminder
The busy holiday season generally means more business for restaurants. Things are so busy in some restaurants that servers and bartenders can earn more tip income this time of year than at any other. As a payroll service provider with specialized...Read more
Help Your Employees Better Understand Open Enrollment
If HR departments do not already have enough to worry about, the period between early November and the end of the year is open enrollment time for health insurance benefits. This is the time of year when HR personnel are overwhelmed with complicated...Read more
Is Your Legacy Payroll System Costing You Money?
A recent news story about energy-efficient appliances described a couple who had replaced their washing machine, dryer, and refrigerator with brand-new models. They were surprised to see a reduction in their monthly utility bills of more than 20%...Read more
What to Do about Those Pesky Extra Pay Periods
If your company pays biweekly, you will end the 2017 calendar year with an extra pay period. In other words, your employees will have been paid 27 times this year rather than the typical 26. No, this is not a scam. It is really just an optical...Read more
America's employers have lots of different ways to pay gig workers. They can pay cash, write checks, utilize direct deposit, or even issue payroll cards. Direct deposit is by far the most popular method at the current time, but there are some...Read more
There seems to be some confusion among employers regarding ACA compliance and employee health insurance waivers. The confusion stems from the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We intend this post to clear up the confusion for our...Read more