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No Time to Rest – Spring is Policy Review Season
In just over a month from now, HR and payroll departments across the country will breathe a collective sigh of relief in the knowledge that the annual tax season is just about over. But the end of tax season does not signify a time to rest. There is...Read more
Here's Why You Want to Avoid Back Pay Issues
Federal and state laws require employers to fairly compensate their workers for the work they do. For hourly workers, this means an hourly wage at least equal to the minimum wage, along with any overtime pay that may be due. Failing to properly...Read more
Expect These Tax Overhaul Questions from Employees
Tax and payroll experts have been saying that February and March would be the time employees began asking questions about the GOP tax overhaul. If your payroll department has not started getting questions yet, buckle up. You should start fielding...Read more
What to Do When Time Off Gets Out of Control
Virtually every employer we work with offers its employees a certain amount of time off represented as sick days, personal days, and vacation time. This is standard operating procedure in the U.S. As such, there are going to be certain times...Read more
What to Do If Your Company Received IRS Letter 226J
Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance remains a requirement for qualifying employers irrespective of the repeal of the individual mandate. More importantly, the repeal of the individual mandate does not repeal the employer mandate. ACA regulations...Read more
Tips for Productive Employee Evaluations
By the time W-2s are distributed and W-3s are filed with the Social Security Administration, the heavy lifting of January payroll will be mostly done. Come February it will be time for HR personnel to begin the annual performance reviews that could...Read more
These 2 Technologies Could Change Payroll in 2018
Articles written around the first of the year to address potential changes to payroll almost always focus on federal and state laws. That is understandable. The legal environment surrounding payroll changes so frequently that one cannot help but...Read more
Paying Employees: Options for Hiring Temporary Help
Bringing on temporary help to get through busy seasons is standard operating procedure for business. Companies may also bring in temporary help to cover leaves of absence, maternity and paternity leaves, sabbaticals, and any other circumstances that...Read more
New Year's Resolutions for Payroll Departments
The Christmas season is officially behind us. Now we start looking for the credit card bills we know will eventually come due. In the meantime, many of us are also working on keeping those New Year's resolutions made in the waning hours of 2017. As...Read more