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Employee Compensation: A Big Picture View
There is a lot of expert information out there talking about how engaging with employees and making them feel valued increases retention rates. Engagement and feeling valued certainly are important, but the number one reason people look for new jobs...Read more
Control Workers' Comp by Being Proactive
One of the non-payroll services we offer is access to an innovative, pay-as-you-go workers’ comp policy . A lot of clients have told us how much they appreciate this plan because it saves them money on their insurance. We are glad to help. Workers'...Read more
Yes – Payroll Cards Are Slowly Maturing
A plethora of employee payroll services existed long before someone came up with the idea of the payroll card. So when the payroll card first came onto the scene, it was considered a novelty that may not have the legs to survive in the era of direct...Read more
W-4 Confusion: Point Employees to New IRS Tool
Tax reform signed into law late last year (2017) is already benefiting employees who are now seeing more money in their paychecks. But experts warn that any differences seen in 2018 paychecks may not carry over into 2019. Furthermore, some employees...Read more
Payroll Topics to Discuss During Onboarding
The onboarding process is never easy. Someone in HR is responsible for getting new workers going before passing them off to their direct supervisors to complete the onboarding process. There is so much to do, so much to say, so much to hope for with...Read more
It's Time to Start Looking at Workers’ Comp Again
Spring is in the air – and so are state workers’ comp laws. Spring legislative sessions routinely cover questions over workers’ comp insurance, what should and should not be included, and how much employers pay into insurance systems subsidized by...Read more
Helping Employees Understand their Pay Stubs
Remember that first time you laid eyes on the multiplication table in grade school? Or how about the first time you encountered an algebraic equation in junior high? All those numbers and letters might just as well have been a foreign language to...Read more
How the Gig Economy Is Disrupting Payroll
Payroll processing in the 'good old days' was a fairly simple matter. Employees filled out paper time sheets they turned in at the end of the week. A couple of days later, the boss would hand them a wad of cash along with a paper paystub. It was...Read more
The Complicated Question of Total Compensation
This is the time of year when employees are pulling their hair out trying to figure out the taxes they need to pay. Do they report bonus pay along with regular income? Are they taxed on the value of the company car they drive? Unfortunately, the...Read more