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The W-4 form was redesigned in 2019 to both simply it and account for changes in tax law. For the most part, the new design has simplified the task of determining how much withholding to apply to an employee's paycheck. However, there is one step in...Read more
Stress is part of living in the modern world. It is normal for people to experience at least a minimum amount of stress every now and again. However, consistent stress experienced on a daily basis is not normal, nor is it good. Stress causes all...Read more
Every week your payroll system tallies up the number of hours each employee worked. That information goes into a database in anticipation of the next payroll run. This continues week after week, month after month, year after year. It is all fairly...Read more
Every new calendar year brings with it changes to payroll and wage laws. Unfortunately, change often comes in the form of non-negotiable mandates. This year is no exception. There are a host of new laws at both the federal and state level that...Read more
Setting goals is part and parcel of the professional business environment. Employees are encouraged to set goals for the coming year, then track them along with management over the next 12 months. The process is seen as a way to increase employee...Read more
Lawmakers have been working behind the scenes for the better part of the last three years to make serious modifications to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Some of what they envisioned has been accomplished. However, much of the original law remains...Read more
The revised W-4 form we have been waiting for since late 2017 is now official. Employers are now expected to use the new one for all new hires. Note that tax withholding tables have not changed. Employers use the data from the new form alongside...Read more