Top 5 Employee Recruiting Trends for 2019

With government numbers showing more available jobs than we have seen in years, it is apparent to recruiters everywhere that the competition for workers is hot and heavy. Finding and hiring the best and brightest has now become a matter of necessity. Companies that know how to do it in the current environment are the ones most likely to succeed.

Take comfort in the fact that there is no single way to recruit. Not only do different industries have different requirements, but employment recruiting is something that continuously evolves. Your best bet is to look at current recruiting trends and adopt those best suited to your business.

To that end, here are the top 5 employee recruiting trends for 2019:


1. Social Recruiting

We have been hearing for years how important social media is to digital marketing. Data bears that out. Well, if social media is such a helpful tool for marketing, wouldn't it be equally helpful for recruiting? Absolutely. That is why more companies are turning to social media to get the word out about job openings.

Social recruiting starts with content. You are creating posts for Facebook, clever tweets for Twitter, intriguing graphics for Snapchat, and engaging articles for LinkedIn. Then you'll move into linking your social posts to your own website content that you also use for recruiting purposes.


2. Recruitment Marketing

One of the hottest trends for 2019 is applying the same marketing tactics used to sell products and services to recruiting. How does your company market? What are the tools the marketing department uses to get the word out about your company? Utilize all those things to recruit the next wave of staff destined to propel your company into the future.


3. Candidate Talent Pools

If all goes well for your company this year, any hiring you do during the first quarter will not be the end of it. You'll be hiring throughout the year. So make your job easier by building talent pools. A talent pool is a collection of candidates that have already reached out to you in some way. Every candidate you can add to the pool means a larger selection of candidates when the next position opens up.


4. Candidate Relationship Management

Perhaps your company has begun the process of improving the customer relationship through good relationship management practices. If so, consider applying that same strategy to recruitment. Every candidate your company interacts with represents a relationship to be managed to a positive end. You may not hire a candidate right away but fostering a good relationship with him or her may pay off with a hire in the future.

A big part of candidate relationship management is the journey individual candidates take as they make their way through the recruiting process. Pay attention to that journey. If candidates have a bad experience, they're likely to tell others not to apply. That only makes your job harder.


5. Employee Referral Recruiting

Believe it or not, employee referrals are one of the most effective means of recruiting ever. Why? Because your existing employees already know what it takes to be successful in your company. They are more likely to refer the kinds of people you're looking for. Are you familiar with the principle of word-of-mouth marketing? It applies to recruiting, too. Word-of-mouth works in both directions.

We sincerely hope your 2019 shows growth, expansion, and greater potential for the future. If you have plans to hire this year, pay attention to the top recruiting trends in the country. They will help you in your quest to find the best and brightest.