Tips for Successfully Onboarding New Hires

Successfully onboarding new hires

Congratulations! You successfully made it through the difficult and time consuming process of reviewing resumes, conducting background and reference checks, and holding several interviews. Now you have filled a once empty job position with the perfect candidate. In order to make sure your new employee receives a warm welcome and positive training experience, take a look at some onboarding tips summarized from the article, “Employee Onboarding: One Chance for a Positive New Employee Experience.”

Who’s Who of the Company

Your new employee will meet many coworkers in a very short period of time, which is bound to make anyone overwhelmed. To help the new hire quickly learn names, faces and titles, consider making a book, flashcards or bulletin board of current employees. New employees can study and reference the “cheat sheet” as often as necessary until they are confident and comfortable addressing and working with their new peers.

Organize Enticing New Hire Training Sessions

There are many parts of the new hire process that are lengthy, a little monotonous, yet required. However, it’s possible to intermix the paperwork, in-class training and on-the-job learning to make the process more exciting. First, create training manuals. The manual will be comprised of information like training schedules, paperwork, benefits information, brochures, company FAQs and more.  Second, space apart the paper-signing, office tours, introductions,HR training, etc. over the training period. Third, have everything prepared for your employee on day one – laptop, phone, office space, email address and more.

Let Them in on the Fun Stuff

Company parties, sports teams, favorite team jersey day and casual work days – while they aren’t necessary to complete daily tasks, it’s a part of your company culture and equally important to share with new hires. Post this particularly casual information online where an employee can easily access it or add a write-up to their training manual.

Make a Good Impression Day One

Paperwork is inevitable and necessary, but that’s not all a new hire has to do on day one. Introduce your new hire to several coworkers, take them out for a congratulatory team lunch, give them some time to personalize their office space, etc. Face to face interaction goes a long way in making good first impressions especially in a positive, friendly work environment.

Put yourself in your new employee’s shoes. Day one, even week one, is intimidating and filled with information. Plan accordingly to lessen the stress to avoid overwhelming your hire and put more emphasis on the exciting, personal side of the job. For more information about what BenefitMall can offer you, contact your local office here.