Tax Filing and Group Benefits: Prepare Now for a Better 2020

With spring all but here, most companies in the U.S. have finished their tax filings and open enrollment. The HR and payroll departments will not have to think much about them again until next fall, when thoughts once again turn to health insurance and tax documents. We want to encourage you not to wait that long, especially if you had a rough start to 2019.

January is considered one of the busiest months for payroll with all the tax documents that have to be completed, submitted, and distributed. December is not a much easier, when open enrollment consumes a lot of time. How have your HR and payroll departments fared this year? If staff members were bogged down by an overwhelming amount of work, we would like to suggest a solution: outsource your payroll and benefits administration to BenefitMall.


We Are Payroll Experts

Let us start with outsourcing your payroll. The most important thing for you to know is that we are payroll experts. Payroll is what our business was built on, what it thrives on, and what will carry us well into the future. We are one of the best in the business because payroll is our specialty.

We offer a complete range of payroll solutions suitable for just about any business. We also offer specialized solutions for the restaurant and construction industries. All of our solutions are cloud-based, offering you convenience, security, and accessibility. You can choose a basic package, a fully comprehensive package, or something in between.

A big part of our payroll service is handling tax filing. We make sure tax withholding is carried out accurately and in full compliance. We make sure tax payments are made on time; that W-2s are distributed to your employees and W-3s are filed with the Social Security Administration. We even handle 1099s for your contractors. Imagine next January rolling around and your payroll department not having to worry about tax filings.


Group Benefits

We know that providing group benefits is a hassle. We also know that administering benefits packages can be a headache for HR departments. We eliminate those headaches for clients that choose to obtain their group benefits through us.

We contract with industry-leading partners to offer a variety of insurance benefits. In fact, through our partners we are able to offer hundreds of different plans. In addition to health insurance, supplemental benefit packages include things like dental insurance, vision insurance, healthcare discounts, veterinary discounts, and more. We can help create a customized group benefits package uniquely tailored to your business. Then we can administer it for you.


Now is the Time to Switch

We used the word 'prepare' in the title of this post for a reason. When you prepare something, you take the steps necessary to get yourself ready for something you know is coming in the future. Well, guess what? Next fall is coming sooner than you think. And with it will come open enrollment for group benefits. It will be followed by a busy holiday season that will soon give way to the busiest tax month of the year. Will you be ready?

You can begin making preparations now by contacting us to learn more about our payroll and benefits solutions. We can get you switched over to a BenefitMall solution now, before things start getting hectic again. That will give both you and us time to make the transition so that we are all ready to go when open enrollment begins at the end of the year. Together, we can achieve a better 2020 for your company.