Tardiness a Reason to Upgrade Time and Attendance Tracking

Any employer still using a legacy payroll system can benefit from modernization in at least a few ways. Take time and attendance tracking as an example. Modern time and attendance solutions utilize things like digital time clocks and plastic ID cards to replace handwritten time sheets or '80s-era punch clocks. We offer such solutions among our menu of payroll services.
If your company is still using a legacy system, we would like to challenge you as to why. Legacy systems make it too easy to make mistakes or, even worse, to cheat. And yes, employees do cheat by coming in late and leaving early. From our perspective, one of the top reasons for upgrading from legacy time and attendance tracking to a digital solution is tardiness.

Statistics Do Not Lie

If you have been resisting upgrading to a modern time and attendance tracking solution, we want to draw your attention to a recent survey published by Accounttemps. The two-part survey questioned CFOs and office employees separately in order to find out their individual impressions of tardiness. Here is what they learned from the CFOs:
  • 10% are okay with tardiness as long as productivity does not suffer
  • 47% do not mind occasional tardiness as long as it doesn't become a pattern
  • 43% expect workers to arrive on time because others rely on them.
Here is what they learned from the office employees:
  • 58% admitted to occasional tardiness
  • 43% acknowledge their work has suffered as a result of tardiness among other workers
  • 54% of workers age 55 or over claim to never be late for work
  • 78% of workers between the ages of 18 and 34 admit to tardiness.
The surveys also revealed some interesting excuses tardy workers offer for being late. While we will not go through those reasons here, the most thought-provoking aspect of the survey is this: younger workers are more likely to be tardy than their older counterparts. This is why upgrading time and attendance tracking is so important.


A Generation Raised on Technology

We can give younger workers the benefit of the doubt that their tardiness is not intentional and still see valid reasons to upgrade time and attendance tracking. At the top of the list is technology. Today's younger millennials constitute the first generation in the U.S. to be raised completely immersed in computer and mobile technology. These younger workers have never known life without technology.
While a small business may still utilize legacy payroll procedures, those procedures are absolutely foreign to their younger workers. That millennial who fills out a written time sheet at your office probably does not do anything comparable in any other area of life. He or she likely uses his/her smartphone or another device to do similar tasks.
Upgrading to a technology-driven solution reduces errors by giving your employees a tool they are familiar with. The right technology also reduces cheating by making it harder to pull off. Indeed, it is a lot harder to cheat a digital time clock activated with a digital ID card than it is to write down an incorrect time or get a fellow employee to punch a time card to cover for tardiness.


Payroll Solutions for the Modern Era

More small businesses than ever before are using contracted payroll services from companies like ours. We offer online payroll solutions for the modern era, solutions that use technology to your advantage. If you are still working on a legacy system, perhaps it's time to upgrade. If for no other reason, do it to cut down on tardiness.