Taking Breaks Makes For a More Productive Day

It’s easy to get stuck on your to do list and push through the grind to get it all accomplished. After all, the very next day is a new day with a new to do list. However, by going about this same routine day after day, did you ever stop to think that you might be pushing your brain passed it’s natural working limit? Or, that your work is becoming subpar, or lackluster, even though the project is checked off the list?

The New York Times provides a thought-provoking solution to your mentally stressful and tiring endless days at work in their article, "To Stay on Schedule, Take a Break." In this article discussed below, you will learn about ways to break up your day to become more effective and put an end to a lack of creativity. 

Here’s a good example of why you need to schedule some mental breaks throughout the day. It’s good for you body to take breaks in between workouts and weight lifting to allow your muscles to relax. Your mind is a muscle and if you overwork it eventually it will feel run down and more inclined to procrastinate.

If you notice that you are unable to focus or you start to daydream, it’s time to step away from your desk and recharge. Obviously we don’t suggest you take advantage of these breaks. You should not jeopardize your work because you are adding in some time for your mind to reenergize. Here are some mental break ideas provided by The Huffington Post, in the article,"You've Been Taking Breaks All Wrong. Here's How To Do It Right":

  • Shift gears and move – And no, that doesn’t mean just open a new tab on your browser and check Facebook. It actually means get up and take a stroll around the office, in the parking lot, the nearest mall. There are several benefits to walking, so give it a shot.
  • Chit chat – Go talk with your coworker. Working relationships are important to your mind, attitude, work productivity and overall happiness at work. Go make friends!
  • 90 minutes – That’s all you have to shoot for. Work hard and focused for 90 minutes, then allow yourself to take a break.
  • Get out of dodge – Sure 15 minute breaks are great, but a solid couple of days away from work, excluding weekends is a great way to energize your mind and attitude. The key is to make yourself disconnect, completely.
  • Nap – If you can squeeze in a 30 minute nap, then it can do your mind a world of wonders. Your memory will improve, your awareness will increase and your creativity will engage.
  • Meditate – Deep breaths, meditation, yoga. Each of this can lower stress and give your mind a solid amount of time away from the computer screen.

We could all use some breaks throughout our day to refocus our minds and give our brains a chance to stretch and relax. Taking breaks will not stop you from completing your tasks; rather you should see the opposite take effect. Your mind is an important tool so be sure to treat it right.