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Lawmakers have been working behind the scenes for the better part of the last three years to make serious modifications to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Some of what they envisioned has been accomplished. However, much of the original law remains...Read more
The revised W-4 form we have been waiting for since late 2017 is now official. Employers are now expected to use the new one for all new hires. Note that tax withholding tables have not changed. Employers use the data from the new form alongside...Read more
The combination of a strong economy and a very tight labor market tends to put the squeeze on employers competing for the top talent in their respective industries. Nowhere does this play out more visibly than in the benefits packages that companies...Read more
Prescription drug prices continue to be a thorn in the side of those trying to rein in healthcare costs. Indeed, rising prescription prices constitute one of the single largest contributors to rising health insurance premiums. Already in 2020, the...Read more
Recruiters have all sorts of tools to work with. Some enhance the recruiting process and simultaneously increase the chances of success. For example, consider something known as 'applicant tracking'. This is a tool that leverages big data,...Read more
We are quickly approaching the annual open enrollment period for health insurance benefits. Whether your company provides health insurance or not, employees need to know what this is all about. They also need to begin preparing for open enrollment...Read more
Helping employees succeed in the workplace should be a no-brainer. When employees succeed, so do their companies. Look no further than Netflix and the Virgin Group if you need proof. Both companies have discovered what it takes to help employees...Read more
The United States is unique in that the majority of benefits provided by employers are not mandated by law. We are also unique in some of the non-traditional benefits now being offered, like student loan repayment assistance. So to compare worker...Read more