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The United States is unique in that the majority of benefits provided by employers are not mandated by law. We are also unique in some of the non-traditional benefits now being offered, like student loan repayment assistance. So to compare worker...Read more
We all know what it's like to stand in line at the pharmacy waiting to pick up a prescription. Many of us also know what it's like to face sticker shock. You expect to pay less than $15 for a new prescription only to find out you're going to pay a...Read more
There's a growing trend in America, a trend that has more employers dispensing with the old way of giving employees time off in favor of a new PTO model. That's good. But there is another trend that's not so good: employees are not using all of the...Read more
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to be something U.S. employers have to contend with. Even with the elimination of the individual mandate beginning with the 2019 tax year, employers are still required by law to offer their workers a...Read more
Competing for top talent in a contracted labor market often means going the extra mile with benefits packages. Sometimes effective competition includes offering a short-term medical insurance benefit. We have noticed a growing number of companies...Read more