Suggestions for Improving Time and Attendance Tracking

Suggestions for Improving Time and Attendance Tracking

As a nationwide payroll service provider with specialized solutions for the restaurant and construction industries, we recognize that many small companies in these two industries struggle with tracking time and attendance. Their struggles are very real given their scheduling considerations and the relatively high turnover rate within their respective industries.

In order to help companies struggling with time and attendance tracking, we have put together a list of suggestions below. We invite you to contact BenefitMall if you need additional help above and beyond these suggestions. We can offer your company a customized payroll solution that includes integrated time and attendance tracking. A comprehensive payroll solution from BenefitMall could be just what your company needs to get payroll under control.


Consider Consistent Scheduling

One of the first things that comes to mind for time and attendance tracking in the restaurant industry is scheduling. Understandably, food service operations require employees to work nights and weekends. Employers tend to want to spread the burden for the most undesirable hours across the entire workforce, leading them to create entirely new schedules every week. It is not unusual for a restaurant worker to not know the days and hours to be worked until a couple of days before the new schedule comes out.

While this form of scheduling may be utilized for purposes of fairness, it makes time and attendance tracking unnecessarily complicated. A better option would be to develop more consistent scheduling that has the same workers filling the same hours every week. Knowing when each worker is expected to be on duty makes finding mistakes in time and attendance tracking a lot easier.


Consider a Digital Solution

Years ago, there were few options for tracking time and attendance other than paper punch cards and manually completed time sheets. While both methods are still used today in the construction and restaurant industries, there are better options available. A digital solution involving a digital time clock and employee ID cards streamlines the tracking process and eliminate errors.

Digital solutions do require an upfront investment. However, they pay for themselves in the long run by making time and attendance tracking more efficient. A digital solution eliminates the need for HR staff to verify hours worked, tally those hours, and enter the data into the payroll system. A digital solution is integrated with payroll software for full automation.


Move Payroll Online

Finally, moving payroll from an in-house legacy system to an online system hosted in the cloud can go a long way toward reducing time and attendance tracking problems. First and foremost, moving payroll online encourages use of the previously mentioned digital solution. Second, online payroll also gives employees immediate access to their own time and attendance information through an online account.

How does this help? It allows employees to track their own time and attendance with each pay cycle in order to make sure there are no mistakes. Should an error occur, an employee can immediately bring it to the attention of the payroll department so it can be addressed. Our experience has shown us that employee involvement can increase time and attendance tracking accuracy considerably.

If your company is struggling with time and attendance tracking, please keep in mind that federal law requires you to keep accurate records and to ensure your employees are compensated according to minimum wage and overtime rules. Being unable to produce the required time and attendance records during an audit could result in big problems.

Here at BenefitMall, we include time and attendance tracking in our integrated payroll solutions. Contact us for more information.