Starting Off Your Business Year The Right Way

Happy New Year! Closing one year and starting a new one is exciting, refreshing and sometimes daunting. Maybe there are some new changes to implement, possibly there are some expected challenges and road bumps to navigate, or perhaps you are working to rebuild employee-morale. Whatever lies ahead of you, now is the time to create and focus on your goals. Take a look at some initial goal-setting ideas you can consider for making 2015 a successful year.

  • Open your doors to communication – Talk with your customers about upcoming changes that may affect them, consider new ideas and suggestions from your employees and ask how you can improve the overall health of your business.  As it’s been said before, communication is key. It makes your customers satisfied, employees happy and business successful.
  • Get your finances in check – With tax season coming up, go ahead and get your finances and tax preparation in line. Meet with your tax advisor and financial consultants to learn how to best organize your money. Maybe your budget needs some reallocation or your taxes seem more complicated this year. This is the best time of year to focus on paving the way for a less financially stressful year.
  • Keep learning – Educational workshops, webinars and books will keep you up-to-date on all the modern technology, advertising techniques, focus groups, products, etc. It’s also important to pay attention to the news and our ever-changing economy. When you understand what is going on around you and what may affect your business, you can better prepare for changes and challenges.
  • Find out whom and what is succeeding – Is your competition ahead of you in your market? Are you getting a return on your investments, campaigns, and strategies? Take the time to find out what is working and consider altering your approach.
  • Show appreciation – Thank your employees, employers, vendors, customers, clients, etc. Sending emails or letters of gratitude, or telling someone face-to-face how much you value their support, goes a long way.

And, one final friendly New Year reminder: As you implement your new goals, and wrap up any final business from 2014, don’t forget about the upcoming tax season. Make sure all your ducks are in a row, because before you know it April will be here. Make appointments with your tax advisors, prepare any required documents and organize your files.

We wish you well in 2015! If you have any questions about benefits, payroll or compliance, please give your local BenefitMall representative a call and they would be happy to help you prepare for a successful year.  For more information, download.

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