Save Time with Online Time and Attendance Tracking Solutions

Keeping track of your employee’s time and attendance seems simple enough, but surprisingly there is a lot more involved than just tracking time and attendance alone. Employers also have to consider recording vacation and sick days, and with several employees it’s easy to lose track of organizing each individual’s personal schedule. One way to resolve these issues is to ditch the old manual ways and try out something more high-tech.

Here are a few reasons to consider using software for tracking your employee’s time and attendance:

  • Accessible – Employees and employers alike can simply access, record and track their work time. Plus, employees can view their accrued and used PTO without requesting the information from a manager or employer.
  • Consistent – Software programs are far less likely to make little mistakes in recording time, attendance and PTO than an individual tasked with that responsibility.
  • Efficient – Asking for PTO just got easier. Employees can input a request for PTO and managers can quickly access the system to approve or decline. Plus, just transitioning the record keeping from manual to automatic alone is a huge time saver.
  • Reliable – Employers receive alerts for employee overtime work so that schedules can be shifted around and overtime hours are taken care of before payday.

BenefitMall’s vendor partners use advanced, high-performing technology and software to track employee time and attendance information. As an employer using these systems, you will have the ability to manage and control accruals, PTO, overtime scheduling, online reporting, etc. The software is easy to use, simple to learn and most importantly, a time saver. Interested in learning more? Be sure to complete this form or call BenefitMall to talk to a sales representative.