Reap the Benefits When You Integrate Your Payroll and 401(k) Administration

Do you outsource your payroll? Do you provide your employees with a 401(k) plan? Did you know you can go to one dependable source, like BenefitMall, to handle both services? How comforting would it be to know all of your employees’ personal information is entrusted in one reliable company? If you haven’t had the chance to consider the idea of integrating your payroll and 401(k) administration, now is the perfect time to review some great opportunities offered through BenefitMall.

The benefits of combining your payroll and 401(k) plan into one complete package:

  • Minimal out-of-pocket fees
  • Administrative responsibility is minimized by seamless electronic data transfer between payroll and 401(k) systems
  • Secure plan participant and employer website
  • Retirement education tools and resources
  • Variety of plan options depending upon size of company and need
  • Personal payroll and 401(k) employee information is located within one company’s secured portal
  • Employer time saved working with one website to conveniently manage both payroll and 401(k)

As your trusted business advocate, know that you can look to BenefitMall to start a 401(k) plan and successfully rely on our payroll professionals for the future and protection of your valuable employees. Our goal is to simplify. Complete documentation with ONE company, secure employee information with ONE associate, and save time and compile your needs into ONE partnership, with BenefitMall.

There is so much more to learn about BenefitMall’s 401(k) plan and payroll services. No matter how big or small your company is, BenefitMall and Custom401k, our strategic retirement plan business partner, can design the perfect plan for your employees. Our goal is to offer our payroll clients the opportunity to customize their retirement plan with the most innovative tools and options available on the market today.

We hope that you have an opportunity to meet with us to discuss all your options and create the perfect plan for your employees’ bright future. See why thousands of clients have looked to BenefitMall for both their payroll and retirement plan services. Call 877-815-1099 or email us at