Maximize Working Hours by Eliminating Wasted Time

Employee Wasted Time

Business owners and managers are always on the lookout for ways to eliminate waste. The restaurant owner may take a more cautious approach to ordering fresh produce so as to minimize spoilage and the waste it generates. A tool and die company might institute tighter controls over tool usage so as to prevent misuse that leads to waste. Wherever waste can be found, businesses want to eliminate it.

Knowing all this, what would you say to the prospect of addressing the time wasted by employees? There are some industries, like food service for example, where all workers are in plain sight and constantly busy. Wasted time is nearly impossible in such environments. But there are many other industries that expect employees to be self-starting and self-managing. These are industries ripe for time wasteful behaviors.

Wasted time is not something that easily shows up in payroll data. It is not something that can be easily quantified in any number of business metrics, which might be why so many companies do not proactively seek to stop it. Nonetheless, eliminating wasted time maximizes working hours and thereby increases productivity. If more companies could get a handle on time wasting by workers, they might notice a definite up-tick in production.


Project Management Software

Experts have offered many good ideas for preventing wasted time, among them being the practice of using project management software. A good software package encourages better time management by tracking how much time it takes for employees to complete their work. Management can designate a certain amount of time for a given task, then make sure it has been completed within that time frame.

The one caveat with project management software is that clear expectations must accompany it. Staff need to know exactly what is expected of them so that they do not feel like they are a prisoner of time tracking. Along with those expectations has to be some measure of flexibility to account for the fact that things do not always go as planned. In other words, project management software is not a solution all by itself. It is a tool that can be used as part of a broader solution.


Reward Good Time Managers

Another idea floated by experts is that of rewarding good time managers. Rewarding time management practices to eliminate waste incentivizes employees to make the most of their working hours. As just one example, a company could offer to give employees who complete all their tasks on time the opportunity to knock off an hour early on Friday. Losing an hour productivity at the end of the week is better than losing an hour per day, Monday through Thursday.

Rewards can be anything the employer wants them to be. Rather than allowing workers to leave early, employers could offer bonus pay, fringe benefits, or even a free lunch to workers who manage their time well.


It is Your Time

The above two suggestions only scratch the surface. There are as many suggestions for maximizing work hours as there are experts making such suggestions. At the end the day, it comes down to this: time on the job is your time. As the employer, you cannot afford wasted time any more than you can afford wasted office products.

Getting a handle on wasted time will increase productivity and profitability. If we can help, through an online payroll solution that includes integrated time and tracking, we would love the opportunity to do so. A customized payroll solution could be just what your company needs to jump-start a plan to eliminate wasted time.