Let BenefitMall Handle Your New Employee Background Checks

Hiring new employees is an exciting part of running a business - it means your company is growing, previously vacant positions are covered, and overall a new team dynamic. Contrarily, hiring also requires lots of paperwork, research, phone calls and primarily, time. BenefitMall offers several products from health care benefits to payroll management and everything in between; and one specific product that may spark your interest is background screening.

Background checks are used for fact checking. Employers want to know that the employee they are investing in is going to be a valuable and trustworthy part of their team. Here is a list of everything that can be included in a background check:

  • Work history
  • Credit reports
  • School records
  • Criminal history
  • Bankruptcy
  • Driving records
  • Social Security verification

When you outsource tasks like background checks to BenefitMall, you not only save yourself time, but you can also benefit from other aspects, such as:

  • Reduced turnover
  • Decreased risk of lawsuits
  • Compliance with pre-employment screening laws
  • Quick results (24 to 72 hours)
  • No monthly fee – pay only for the reports you order!

So, how do you get started outsourcing background screening? Click here and complete the short form on the right-hand side of the screen. Soon a BenefitMall sales representative will contact you to answer all your questions and get you started in the right direction.  If you are already a BenefitMall payroll client, just click here to enroll for the background check offering. Let us use our resources, knowledge and experience to make your job easier so you have the time you need to focus on your growing business.