Introducing Payroll on the Go with PayFocus Mobile

Photo of woman on cell phone with work supplies

One of the things that makes us tick here at BenefitMall is exploring new ways to help our customers master payroll and HR. We are always on the lookout for new technology and new ways of doing things. As such, we are extremely proud to introduce a brand-new iPhone and Android app for our PayFocus users. As you might expect, the app is called PayFocus Mobile.

It is apparent that we lived in a world that is becoming more mobile with each passing day. Growing numbers of people are using their mobile devices for the vast majority of online activity they engage in. Not only do we not want to miss out on the mobile revolution, we also want our customers to have greater access to their BenefitMall services via their mobile devices. That is what the app is all about

PayFocus Mobile is designed to put the power of PayFocus into the hands of employees. The app gives them access to several key areas of the PayFocus platform, allowing them to handle certain HR and payroll functions more easily.

1. Profile

This section includes all the information relating to an employee's personal profile. Employees can use this section to modify that information. There is no need to call the HR department or send an e-mail. There isn't even a need to wait until the employee is back at his desk. The moment he remembers that his profile needs to be changed, doing so is this quick and easy as pulling out the smartphone.

2. Pay History

Every once in a while, a worker might think about how much money she made during a certain period of time. Maybe she is filling out a credit card application and needs to know her annual income. Or maybe she's checking her bank account balance as something doesn't add up based on her memory of past paychecks. At any rate, the Pay History section of our mobile app is the place to find the information.

3. Direct Deposit

Receiving pay through direct deposit is arguably the most convenient way to get paid in the modern world. What could make it more convenient? A section in the PayFocus Mobile app that allows workers to change their direct deposit information and allocations. From this section of the app workers can enter new bank information whenever it changes. If they allocate their pay among several direct deposit options, they can change those allocations at any time.

4. Time off

Taking time off should not require employees to jump through hoops or chase down HR. Now they don't have to thanks to our mobile app. We included a section that allows workers to schedule time off with just a few taps. Access to personal schedules and time off benefits has never been easier for either workers or the HR department.

5. Tax forms

Tax time can be a nightmare for HR and payroll. They have enough to do already; they do not need to have to spend extra time helping workers find and download their tax forms. PayFocus Mobile is here to handle that. Workers have access to all their tax forms the moment they are completed and uploaded. They can view tax forms and download them whenever, and from wherever, they want.

We believe mobile payroll is important to the modern employee. That's why we developed payroll on the go with PayFocus Mobile. If you are a PayFocus client, you can start inviting your employees to download the app today. And as always, do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.