Interviewing Techniques to Help Choose the Best Candidate

After spending countless hours weeding through several resumes and cover letters, you now have selected an exclusive group of potential candidates suited for the job. Now it’s time to contact each of those individuals and set up the interview – something a little scary for both the employer and the new hire.  While the interview process can be intimidating, it’s also the most important part of choosing your new hire. It’s necessary to prepare ahead of time – study resumes, call references and jot down notes, and propose questions and responses.

As you sit down to prepare for the interview think of questions that are specific so you get the response you are looking for, that can lead to follow-up questions and that are open-ended so the applicant gives more than just one-worded answers. To help you start to prepare your questions, here are some suggestions summarized from the article, “Best Interview Questions to Ask Applicants.”

1) What is your greatest work achievement? This will show the employer what the candidate values, what’s important to them and how ambitious they are in a work setting.

2) What kind of work environment allows you to be most effective in your job? The employer will be able to tell if the applicant will work well with the current team based on the response.  If the interviewee’s values and expectations don’t align with the company environment then it may not be a good fit.

3) How would your coworkers describe you in terms of social interaction, work ethic and performance? This question helps employers understand how they view themselves in other’s eyes. Plus it will describe what kind of work relationship they are capable of developing.

4) What are your expectations of your boss? Does the applicant need constant direction or do they prefer a more hands-off approach? An employer’s managerial style must match the needs of an employee.

5) How would you expect your current boss to describe you and your work performance? Employers will hopefully gain some insight into how this individual communicates with their boss and how they handle criticism or accolades.

6) When faced with an obstacle, how did you overcome it? The response indicates how the applicant handles unexpected situations, how they manage stress, how flexible they are in particular situations, and more.

7) What prompted you to leave your current job? Is the candidate looking for a new challenge, tackling a different industry, or was there an issue at the last job that an employer may want to look into. Employers are looking for someone who is trusting, reliable and invested. 

There are many more questions employers can and should ask to learn as much about the applicant as possible to help determine if they are the best fit for the job. If you want to see some additional interview questions and tips, click here to review the above article.

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