Identity Theft – How to Safeguard Your Good Name

Identity theft is scary. No one wants to have be in a situation in which someone deliberately takes your name, your social security number, your personal information, basically your whole identity. Fortunately, there are companies out there that make it a mission to stop potentially detrimental identity theft events.

BenefitMall wants to make sure that our clients are protected, their information is safe and any suspicious identity theft behaviors are dealt with before a serious problem occurs. For those reasons and more, BenefitMall has partnered with a leading identity management company, IDentity Theft 911. This partnership provides BenefitMall clients with credit and fraud monitoring services. IDentity Theft 911 closely reviews identity records and sources for unusual activity, and then relays that information to the potential victim to quickly put an end to any caustic damage.

There are many ways in which your information can be used against you, but for the namesake of taxes and your job, here is some important information from the IRS.

“Identity theft often starts outside of the tax administration system when someone's personal information is stolen or lost. Identity thieves may then use a taxpayer's identity to fraudulently file a tax return and claim a refund. In other cases, the identity thief uses the taxpayer's personal information in order to get a job. The legitimate taxpayer may be unaware that anything has happened until they file their return later in the filing season and discover two returns have been filed using the same Social Security number.”

The IRS lists some avenues in which identity thieves can access your personal information:

  • Taking a wallet, purse, credit card, social security card
  • Contacting you through phone or email to get information about you
  • Scouring your trash
  • Using unsecured internet sites where your personal information is stored

Here are some IRS tips to help protect your identity:

  • Only provide your personal information to secured websites. Here's how to find out if it’s secured.
  • Do not respond to emails initiated through the IRS asking for personal information. The IRS does not contact you for this information nor in this manner. If you do receive one, forward that email to
  • Do not carry a Social Security card on an everyday basis. Only provide it when beginning a new job or for tax purposes. Secure it in a safe, fireproof area, otherwise.
  • Tax season is a popular time to see identity theft. To learn how to safeguard your identity against these situations, click here to learn more.

While you may not be able to avoid every possible identity theft scenario, by taking advantage of services provided through BenefitMall, like IDentity Theft 911, you can expect that someone will watch over your personal information like a hawk. The minute something looks skeptical, you will be notified immediately. Immediate actions can lead to positive immediate reactions. So take action today and contact your BenefitMall representative to learn how you can protect yourself and your assets.