How to Thank Your Employees for a Great 2017

How to Thank Your Employees for a Great 2017

Well-known hotelier J.W. Marriott once said, "Take good care of your employees, and they'll take good care of your customers, and the customers will come back." Numerous variations of this thought have been echoed by business greats ranging from Walt Disney to Richard Branson. If you are looking for new ways to take good care of your employees, consider thanking them for a great 2017.

We have noticed that a lot of companies go above and beyond to thank their customers when the annual holiday season rolls around. As the thinking goes, showing customers that you appreciate them builds the kind of loyalty that will have them coming back the following year. Few business experts would argue against that. But what about your employees?

Your employees are the ones in the trenches, serving your customers every single day. You would have no business without them. Isn't it just as important to show your appreciation for their hard work as it is to thank your customers? Absolutely. Thanking employees shows that you value their contributions. And when they know they are valued, they are more likely to be both loyal and productive.

Here are some suggestions for thanking employees for great 2017:

1. Organize a Staff Recognition Day

A staff recognition Day is a fantastic way to show your appreciation. Set aside nonessential tasks for the day and focus on team building activities, individual recognition, and other things that will demonstrate your appreciation. Larger companies can create separate recognition days for each department; one for HR, another for sales, and so on.

2. Give Birthdays Off

A birthday can be like an extra special holiday for employees. A great way to thank your workers for a job well done in 2017 is to give each of them a paid day off on their birthdays in 2018. Those whose birthdays fall on a regularly scheduled day off can be given another day instead.

3. Treat Them to Lunch

A wonderful way to thank a smaller staff without spending a fortune is to treat them to lunch. Throw a pizza party; work with a local caterer to provide something more formal; perhaps give everyone the afternoon off and head down to your favorite watering hole for chicken wings and sandwiches.

4. Pass Around a Trophy

Invest in a trophy that exemplifies your company's values. Honor one employee per week by giving that person the trophy to keep at his or her workstation. That person must add something to the trophy before passing it on to the next employee the following week. This is a fun way to generate excitement, build a bit of team, and thank employees all at the same time.

5. Write Personal Notes

Depending on the size of your staff, one of the easiest and most effective ways to show your sincere gratitude is to write personalized notes to every employee. An inexpensive card containing a note written by your own hand shows employees that you have taken the time to think about why they are so important to you.

As a company that provides outsourced payroll solutions to companies of all sizes, we are intimately familiar with the fact that turnover rates in some companies are extremely high. It would seem that some of these companies could reduce turnover simply by showing their employees more appreciation.

Your company has had a very good 2017. That's great. Now, don't forget the employees who made this past year what it was. Take the time and make the effort to thank them for what they do.


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