How to Effectively Manage Travel Expenses and Expense Reports

With the modern day ease of hopping on a plane, booking a hotel and renting a car within a day’s notice, it’s easy to lose track of work related travel receipts and other expenses. Monthly expense reports can quickly become overwhelming and be a hassle to complete. Many times employees forget to account for some receipts or accidentally get reimbursed twice for one expense resulting in a deficit for the company. Fortunately, with our advanced technology and partners like BenefitMall, expense management becomes less complicated.

BenefitMall’s trusted partner, Certify, offers clients the opportunity to manage expenses through a full service online management system, on the go. It’s as simple as grabbing your phone, taking a snapshot of your receipt and letting Certify’s Mobile system, ReceiptParseTM, do the rest. The information provided on your receipt is automatically transferred to the appropriate fields in the system on your phone, immediately. Your reimbursement is directly connected to your BenefitMall payroll system, which is easy to track and time sensitive. Easy as that.

What are some other benefits of using Certify?

  • 11 Methods to Capture Receipts and Expenses
  • Mobile Apps for Receipt Management
  • Integrated Travel Booking Solution
  • Credit Card Integration
  • Data Sync with AP/HR/GL systems
  • Full Reporting Suite
  • Live and Web-Based User Training
  • Live Customer Support

It’s time to simplify, check out Certify’s expense management system to make reimbursing your employees more efficient, accurate and timely. Certify is easy to use on an everyday basis, simple to learn with minimal training and effortless to track insightful reports. If you are ready to try out your free trial, click here, or if you have any questions you can call on your BenefitMall Team to learn more.