Entrepreneurs’ Risks Support Small Business Growth

Small businesses pop up left and right because of the tenacity, courage and creativity of entrepreneurs. These seemingly small companies swimming in a big pond with multimillion-dollar businesses, successfully create jobs, support the small business community and better our economy. And better yet, according to www.smallbiztrends.com, 58 percent of small businesses forecast growth in 2015.

As exciting and opportunistic as these new start up companies are, entrepreneurs have a lot on their plates. These individuals work night and day, spending every dime of their hard earned money to create new products, services and ideas for Americans. At times, these individuals work so hard they lose track of time, organization and a sense of self. So here are a few reminders from Entrepreneur.com on how you can become more productive.

1. Take time to handle personal to-dos

2. Remove all distractions when you need to focus

3. Keep up with your to-do list and schedules

4. Use the technology that is available to you

5. Don’t stretch yourself too thin – say no

6. Respond to calls, texts and emails timely

7. Surround yourself with positive people

8. Work on the tough to-dos first

9. Exercise

10. Ask for help

Sallie Krawcheck, owner of Ellevate, said in a LinkedIn article, "I tell anyone who asks that being an entrepreneur is tougher than running Merrill Lynch." Running your own company is a risk, a huge risk. Entrepreneurs invest personal time and finances in making their dreams come true. These individuals act as a manager, marketer, HR, advertiser, accountant, etc. Wearing so many hats is time consuming, yet can be so rewarding. By keeping things organized, allowing for time to relax and relying on responsible individuals, entrepreneurs thrive.

Entrepreneurs help our country flourish. Small ideas that become budding successes offer new jobs, refurbish modern technology and products, and encourage our economy to grow. BenefitMall is sincerely thankful for entrepreneur’s tenacity, creativity and diligence.