Characteristics of the Perfect New Hire

The beginning of a new year is a chance to create new goals, reevaluate and build off of the previous year, and mainly, start fresh. One particular goal that may be at the forefront of your mind this year is to add to your valuable team of employees. Maybe you have a bigger workload and need extra hands, maybe you need to boost your company morale with a fresh group of employees, or maybe you need more experienced leaders to take on more challenging roles. Whatever your reason is, you need the best of the best, most trustworthy, hardworking candidate possible.

Here is a list of traits from the Business Insider article, “5 Characteristics to Look for in Every Potential New Hire” to guarantee a super star employee.

  1. Aptitude – This quality comes in handy when you are looking for change. Someone with aptitude has various skillsets and talents that aren’t particular to just one industry. According to the above article, people with great aptitude “like the ability to create rapport quickly, handle rejection and willing to follow a proven process.”
  2. Attitude – Perseverance, determination and diligence are all winning attitudes. These individuals work hard and will fight to prove their significance.
  3. Intelligence – Is this individual a problem solver, fast thinker, creative? If so, he’s a winner! You need an employee who you can count on to keep time and money in mind when making decisions.
  4. Intensity – Tell the potential new hire your highest of expectations. If the individual baulks, it’s not a good fit. However, if this tactic lights a fire under their seat than they have what it takes to take on this responsibility.
  5. Integrity – Do what you say, and say what you’ll do. Be on time, uphold deadlines, and take responsibility. Does this individual have what it takes to surpass expectations?

While it can seem hard to pinpoint all these traits in each candidate, through practice, several rounds of interviews and a perfected interview process you will learn what answers and cues exhibit these desired characteristics. In the near future, be on the look out for interviewing tips that will lead you to the best person for the job. If you have any questions, or looking for benefits or payroll assistance, please contact us.